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MTC Week 3!

August 12, 2011
Hello everyone!!

So I apologize for forgetting to mention last week that our p-day got changed to Friday because of our new schedule with the Visitors Center training that we started on Wednesday. I felt bad that I couldn't even write to let you know it changed and not to expect an email or letters on Wednesday. Sorry, I'm sure you were all hovered around the computer ALL day anxiously awaiting my email... HAHA! jk!

Alright, here we go... The 3rd week at the MTC has been good! Right when we got into our comfort zone with our schedules and teaching appointments they switched it up on us and moved us into the visiting center training. This past Tuesday all the Elders from our district went to CA! I'm excited and nervous for them! A little nervous because some of them didn't take advantage of the MTC as much as they should've so I hope it's not too big of a wake up call to them when they get into the field. They are all so nice and it's weird not having them around to crack jokes with. I may keep in touch with a couple of them to see how their missions are going. As much as we miss them we had an AMAZING class with just us 4 sisters the day they left. Our teacher, Sister Murray, just taught us sisters and it was by far my most spiritual experience so far at the MTC. I'll tell you a little about it.

The class period mostly focussed on us as missionaries and on Jesus Christ. We watched a movie clip on Christ's life where it showed many of the miracles He performed and also his crucification and resurrection. Watching the miracles Christ performed and seeing the peole's faces of love and grattitude made me cry. (silent tears, not like a baby or anything.) Then also seeing the Savior be crucified because of the love He has for us made me tear up even more. During that clip I just had so much love for Jesus Christ and during moments like that you can't deny that He is real and that the atonement was done out of pure love for us so we can return to Heavenly Father. After the movie our teacher had us write a letter to Jesus Christ expressing our feelings and to write "what we will to do be worthy of being a representative of Christ." So let's just say the tears continued to trickle out during that as well. I have water marks on my letter to prove it. It was an amazing experience I wish I could explain in more detail or clearer but the timer at the top is haunting me. I was just filled with joy and happiness! That was only my 2nd time crying at the MTC. The first was when we watched a video on virtue in our relief society meeting and at one point there were 3 sisters talking about eternal families and then started crying and hugging eachother... that was mean of them to show us that! haha, I couldn't even sing the closing hymn because I was choked up thinking about how much I love my family but specifically my sisters. I love my family and I'm so grateful for all of you! People ask me how it is having divorced parents and 2 big families and I say, I LOVE IT! I have 2 big happy families, doens't get much better than that!" I can tell they are jealous.. lol

So the visitor center training is pretty cool! There are 22 of us Sister missionaries in that class! They said it's one of the biggest classes they've had! It's such a fun and nice group of girls... with LOTS of personality! There are 9 girls going to Temple Sqaure, 3 to the Mormon Batallion, 5 to Winter Quarters (YAY!), and 5 going to Washington D.C.
The class is sometimes kinda funny because we do a lot of role plays... the first day was hilarious to me because we practiced, "Hi! Welcome to the visitors center! My name is sister Jones. What brings you here today?" or something like that. Practiced greatings and then we've learned how to introduce the Christus and carry a discussion about paintings. They don't actually tell us what to say or anything but we have to go with what we feel they may need to here. We've also practiced the referral cards. I'm still getting used to that. A lot of us sisters feel like we don't want to be annoying about it but they are training us a new way to ask people for referrals for their themsevles to hear more info or their friends. They say that it's another way to follow Jesus Christ and invite them learn more from the misssionaries. So we're all getting used to using those. Yesterday we had our first practice where there was a room set up as a visitors center with a Christus (cardboard version) and other paintins/ pictures of Christ, prophets, families, temples, the Book of Mormon and so on. We had 2, 20 minutes lesson/ tours with first a nonmember and then a memeber. Overall it went pretty well! It was interesting because we feel like we weren't prepared much of what to say but you learn as you go and once you get to know the person it flows and you're able to lead them to something that would interest them.

For a while we were eating meals with our zone and hanging out with them. They are a really nice group of Elders! They are pretty goofy though and can be flirty at times as well... so let's just say we've been eating with the Sisters from class a lot more often to avoid that scene. People supposedly like my laugh here... they think it's "hilarous and unique" An Elder even wrote me a note saying that my laugh is the best ever and that it makes him happy. haha! I guess I'll take that as a compliment. Whatever makes people happy i suppose!

So far I've seen 21 people I know here from AZ! That's always fun! My compainion thinks it's funny so she's actually the one keeping count. I talked to Shawn Alt, Colby Denton, Ashley Mitchell (caldwell's friend), Elder Naef, Chelsey Hieker (mark stokers friend), Elder Harris (bryce's bro). along with many others. Elder darrow and elder moore left on tuesday and i literally saw them every day at the MTC. I also got nice and awkward pictures with them befor they left!

Thanks mom for the package you sent me! I have so much junk food now! I really appreciate all the snacks though! Milton and Grace Jones sent me a whole box of cookies too! I'm going to write them a thank you note today because those were really good!

I'm glad everyone in Cedar is having fun!! That's awsome that the whole crew is hanging out there... like jon, caldwell, taylor, and lex. Thanks for keeping me up todate with all of the fun adventures that are happening! You better send me some pictures! :)

SO I leave to Nebraska this Tuesday! August 16th. I get to call home that morning at the airport so be prepared to asnwer the phone anytime betweeen 7:30- 10:00am. My flight is at 10:30 am Utah time! I'm excited to talk to you! I'll probably call mom first and then dad. Hopefully I have enough time! I don't know how much time they allow us to chat.
I can't wait to be in Nebraska! The only things I'm nervous about at the moment is my new companion and the weather. Have I mentioned how much I'm going to love the humidity? I'm already pumping myself up about it... and the cold! :)

Tomorrow (saturday) we are going to the Salt Lake Temple to be missionaries for the day!! They are going to pair us up with a sister that serves there and we get to walk around and teach for the day! I can't wait!! That willl be an awesome experience!

Have a great day I have to go now! Hope everyone is doing well! Talk to you on tuesday!! Remember to wake up and answer the phone! :)
I love you all sooo much!!

Sister Jones


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