Sunday, October 23, 2011

Omaha, Nebraska Week 7

October 4, 2011
Hello there!!

How is everybody doing? What's new in life? Things are going well here!! This week has been busy even though we hardly had any time in our teaching area... kinda sad, but it all works out in the end. We were scheduled a lot at the Trail Center this week. That is always really great and I have lots of good experiences there. Sometimes it's just hard not to have a balance of time to work in our area in Omaha.

We had two great lessons this week that really stood out among the rest. They were each to less-active members. One woman is trying to quit smoking and she really opened up to us and we were able to talk a lot about how she can be strengthened as she puts her trust in the Lord and continually strives to think of her goals. She really wants to go to the temple so that is her ultimate goal. We are trying to help find ways to avoid the temptation to keep smoking. One of those ways will be to keep a picture of the temple in her wallet so when she gets to the drug store hopefully she'll be able to stop in her tracts. She's such an amazing woman and I really hope she can break this habit so she can feel more confidence and strength and really be able to dive into the gospel. The other family we visited hasn't prayed or gone to church in a very long time. During our lesson the spirit was so strong and everyone could feel it. The wife is a member and the husband is Catholic. It was so great to be able to talk to each of them about love and the Holy Ghost. The dad was participating a lot and talking about his love for his wife and family and how that has changed his life, so that really invited the Spirit. They committed to praying together each night this next week. You could tell they were full heatedly committing to this and not just doing because we asked them. Those are the type of lessons that we love as missionaries. Where people feel the Spirit and are motivated to act because of it. It wasn't because we gave a great lesson or anything, it was all the Lord touching their hearts. So exciting!

General Conference was great!! We were able to watch it at the Trail Center. I wish I had my notes on me so I could say all my favorite parts. Maybe I'll include that next week or send my thoughts in a letter home. We'll see! But is was great and such a cool experience hearing the talks from the missionary perspective. I still need to watch Sunday morning's talks though... we had to give tours during that time. We had conference pulled up on a lap top at the front desk but we were so busy I only could sit down for about 3 minutes for about 5 hours straight. (Which is rare during this time of the season lately.) What were you favorite talks? What stood out to you in conference?

Just in case Brother Calton (the Tempe Institute director that I worked with last year) reads this... I met and gave a tour to the Dunford family this past week and we were talking about how much we love and look up to him. This family used to live in Mesa but now lives in either Snowflake or Showlow now. I think they taught together at Westwood HS (or somewhere like that.) They were such an amazing family and it was so fun to give them a tour. I loved that we both knew Brother Calton and could share how he's touched our lives. (Thanks for being such a great example Brother Calton!!)

Something else that is exciting is that the leaves are changing colors here! YAY! It's so pretty and I love it. The weather has still been really nice so that is a blessing! Winter is just around the corner though! (Dun, dun dun...) haha

So do you all like these emails or should I spend more of my email time separately emailing people? What do you think? I just don't get much of a response about what I write so I'm not sure what to say anymore.
I hope you are all doing great! I'm going to write more details about what is going on in actual letters I think. I am super happy here and loving being a missionary! I am so grateful for the support I receive from my family and friends. I love you all!!

Lots of love,
Sister Jones


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