Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 36

April 25, 2012
I have so much to update you on and not much time to write... so I'll type as fast as I can and try to sum it all up!
Here we go...
- Transfers are this week and we found out today that me and sister robertson are both staying in the Plattsmouth area! Woohoo!! We are happy about that! I was scared she was going to get transferred!
-Ayn is doing AMAZING! Her baptism is this Saturday! We have had some incredible and spiritual experiences with her and I can't wait for her baptism and to see her progress in the gospel. She bought us both Mormonism for Dummies books because she loves it so much. haha! We can't even read them till after the mission so we'll just have to wait for that.
-I hit my 9 month mark on the mission this week on April 20th. CRAZY!! Time is flying by way too fast. I can't even believe it... half way done.
- As we were walking near an apartment building we saw a lady on the phone and we went up to her to give her a mormon.org card without being too rude and interrupting. I handed her the card and said something to her and she ended up hanging up the phone and started crying and said she would like us to come in and pray with her family. She is about in her late 20's and that day they found out that her mom, who has small cell lung cancer, is not reacting to the treatments they have done and that there's nothing left they can do to help her. When we went into the apartment there were a few adults and then Anna, the lady with cancer. They were all together and just crying and so sad. It was a very humbling experience and they desperately were seeking peace and comfort from this trial. As we prayed with them the Spirit was so strong and we were all in tears. Their family said that they are so grateful God sent us to them and helped them feel at peace. It was truly inspired and an experience I will never forget. Anna said she's scared to die but knows she will be going somewhere better. She said she's been praying to know how she can be more religious and what church to go to and really felt like we were an answer to her pray. She said, "Thank you for being obedient to God and being here today. You two are angels in disguise." I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's divine timing and allowing us to meet Anna and her family in their time of need. I would say that is one of the most spiritual experiences on the mission so far. I wish I had more time to give the experience more justice, but it was incredible. We'll be meeting with Anna again tomorrow. :)
- My eyes are doing much better. I went today to pick up the hard contact and try it out and it was awful. That thing was terrible and my eye immediately went red and watery right when i put it in. and it didn't help my vision... so they said i didn't have to wear it and gave me some diff contacts to try. Thank goodness! I wanted to cry just imagining trying to wear the hard contact on a regular basis. But overall my eyes are MUCH better! I think they healed on their own and it was due a lot to the dryness. I don't know what they want to do about the whole keratakonis deal but the hard contacts were terrible and I would prefer to never touch them again. haha! But seriously, you should've been there.
Well that's about all i have time for! Preparation day should be on Monday so i'll fill you in on everything else then! Love you all!
-Sister Jones


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