Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Week 37

May 1, 2012
Hi family!!
I am so excited because I just found out I can upload pictures from the library computers to my emails! YAY!!!!
I attached pictures of the zoo, Ayn's baptism, Easter, Brother Gishwiller (ward member) and I with the cross stich he made me, Courtlyne me and sister DuBois, and also Sister Robertson. Not in that order but hopefully you can figure out who is who. Sister Robertson- read head, Sister DuBois- brunette, Courtlyne- short brown hair, Ayn- in white dress. I think the rest is self explanatory.
Guess what?! Ayn was baptized on Saturday and received the Holy Ghost on Sunday!!! Everything ran really smoothly and it was a really special experience. The service went well and there were great speakers! Ayn was glowing with happiness! I am SO grateful I could be a part of her conversion! We will all be eternal friends and that makes me extremely happy and grateful. I love missionary work! :)
On Sunday the trail center sisters had a Pioneer Tribute concert. It was supposed to be at the park that has a stage, but it rained that day so we moved it to the big gallery in the basement. Let me tell you, it was awesome! There were a lot of different musical numbers performed about the pioneers, United States, and then a couple well known hymns. We did this as an out reach to the community and there was a great turn out! About 150 people came! Luckily they didn't give me any serious songs to perform but I was the leader of the group who got the crowd involved in singing Oh Susannah and Home on the Range. haha! It was hilarious! There were three other sisters with me and they are all pretty shy and quite. So you can just imagine me being the really enthusiastic one singing these fun/ funny songs. I never would've thought I would be memorizing all the words to Oh Susannah on my mission. I felt somewhat rebellious singing that song over and over to get the words. Good times! Everyone loved the whole performance though. They ended the performance with some powerful hymns that brought an incredible Spirit. During the rehearsals I was crying like a little baby during the song "How Great Thou Art." We have some very talented and musically inclined sisters here in the mission!
This weekend all together was very different but amazing! So Saturday was Ayn's baptism @ 3pm and then later on that night our ward had a spaghetti dinner for a fundraiser and because we got some of our investigators to come we were able to be there as well. That was a blast! They had a dessert auction afterwards.
I can't remember if I told you last weekend but Tami decided she wants to be baptized and feels like she can make that step now. Before she knew that the Book of Mormon and everything was true but was nervous to get baptized. Luckily that  fear is gradually leaving her and she feels comfortable with it. That happened all because of the priesthood blessing she received last week! She said she felt so much peace and a warm burning sensation throughout her whole blessing. We then got to explain that the feeling she felt was the Spirit. :)
So I have some requests from people to share more about Sister Robertson. Sorry I have forgot or skipped over some of those details. She is from New Mexico. Before the mission she was working and plans to go to school after the mission. She's really nice and charitable. She can get easily frustrated but recognizes when she's not being as friendly and quickly changes. She's really talkative in lessons and then quieter outside of lessons. Kind of a different mix but I've learned how to work with it. We get a long really well and we balance each other out. She's more of the opinionated one and I'm the laid back one, still with opinions and a voice but am willing to negotiate. I'm grateful for her and I love that we can totally focus on the work together and don't let anything hold us back! (even with weird eyes or allergies.)
By the way, my eyes are MUCH better! I can see perfectly again and it's all back to normal! So I'm back in contacts again and it's great! Soft contacts might I add. (The hard ones are evil.)  Thank you all for your prayers. I really appreciate it and I know it helped my eyes heal faster. It's funny because this past transfer was by far the worst health wise but by far the best teaching wise. Funny how Heavenly Father compensates for things like that. I don't mind being sick if it means we see a ton of blessings with out investigators! Totally worth the sacrifice. :)
So next Saturday for Cinco De Mayo me and Sister Robertson get to be in a Spanish parade! We will be dressed up as pioneers next to a hand cart with a few of the Spanish speaking elders and a coupe other sisters. I better refine my Spanish speaking though! I'm really excited for the parade and think it's going to be a blast! I think it's going to be really fun/ funny dressing up as a pioneer... you all know how much I love dressing up in goofy clothes. Sister Robertson isn't too thrilled about that part. haha! I keep talking it up so she can be excited about wearing "old maid" clothes.


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