Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 11

November 1, 2011

Hi everyone!
How are you doing?! Did you have a great Halloween? I did!

So I'll go in order of what took place this week...

- Last preparation day we had a Zone activity where we carved pumpkins, played volleyball, and I even squeezed in a quick game of ping pong!! It was so fun! Sister Hawkes and I won the pumpkin carving contest... not too hard when we were the only girls there. We carved a woman pulling a handcart. I'll try to send a picture! I loved playing volleyball with everyone and especially loved playing ping pong. Wonderful memories of the institute flooded back after I beat a poor, innocent Elder in a game of ping pong. haha!

- We did our first 6 hours in a row of chat! That was quite the adventure. The chats come in constant right after the other. We talk to one person at a time as a companionship, but are on separate computers right next to eachother. It's fun because they have us use our first names. That feels kind of funny but we do that same thing when we call referrals as well. We talked to ALL kinds of people... members, a woman who is gay, man who is abusive who wants to change, a woman asking for help with her husband who isn't doing good things, and also we got to talk to members and nonmembers who have questions about the church. We were able to testify of Jesus Christ and send them scriptures that would help them out. It's nice because on chat we get to leave them commitments, just like in real life, and help them strengthen their faith in Christ. Overall it was a good experience with some interesting conversations thrown in the mix! :)

- A lot of people are getting sick lately! A lot of Sisters have been ill but with the Trail Center it's nice because they will drop their sick companion off here where they can sleep in the bed downstairs and trade out with a sister who is working at the TC. So this week I got to go out with a Sister and work with her in her area. It was nice to see what it's like in different places. People were so receptive there! It was crazy how different it was even though ti was still in Omaha. It was a more humble area but we were able to teach a lot more lessons than normal. I also had normal exchanges this week! I was in the area where the Sisters work the the young single adults. I would LOVE to work with the YSA wards sometime. We switched for 24 hours and it was a good time! I learned a lot from the Sister I was with and got spoiled by the senior couple who they live with. (The Naylor's- the same couple who did the genealogy work. They are amazing! The senior couples are my BFF's now! :)

-For Halloween we worked at the Trail Center during the day and then none of the missionaries were allowed to be out and about past 6 o'clock. So they provided a big craft activity for all of the sisters to do! It was so fun! Sister Scott, a senior missionary, had us all do a fun craft together and provided food. Such a fun Halloween! I missed our ward's trunk or treat because I was on exchanges that day. But i heard it was fun!

-Exchanges are on the 10th. My next p-day is next Wednesday and I will be finding out that day whether I'm switching areas or companions. Odds are likely that sister hawkes and i won't be together next transfer... pretty sad! Also, I heard it's supposed to snow tomorrow! Crazy! It doesn't even seem cold enough to snow yet. So we are going to Target today to see if we can get some more intense snow boots.

- We are teaching this amazing girl named Eunice! She is awesome and a senior in HS. She has been reading from the Book of Mormon and is having us come back to teach her more.

I love this gospel. I know that Christ is our Savior and that Heavenly Father knows us soo personally. I am able to witness miracles in my life and in those we are teaching every day. There is no doubt that he loves us and is watching over us.
Hope you all are doing great!!
I love you!
Sister Jones


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