Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 17

December 12, 2011
Hola familia!!

It sounds like life is getting kind of stressfull and crazy now that finals are here and the Christmas season is rapidly approaching. Good luck to everybody that is taking finals right now! I'm praying for you! I remember those days like it was yesterday... good times! haha! Missionary work has stresses of it's own kind but I don't really miss taking finals.

Things are going well out in Grand Island! Everything is nice and white, covered in snow! It's been in the 30's recently. On the days it has been in the high 30's we get all happy and excited... who knew there would be a day when I would be happy it was 37 degrees out as the high. I forgot to mention before but when it snows and the roads are a little bit slick they ground the cars, meaning we drive our cars home, park them, and start walking. Even when the roads don't seem too bad they have been grounding them... so i have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of walking this winter. The Elders have been letting us use the car a lot recently and giving up their turns with it. We are SOOO grateful for that! We even made them cookies to try and show how thankful we are.

We had a cool experience earlier this week! We were about to visit a less-active person and before we left the car to his house we prayed we would be able to find new investigators and to put people in our path to talk to. So we go and visit with the LA man and then right when we get out there is somebody standing out in the cold outside his door drinking coffee! (Weird!) So we visit with him and we're able to give him a Book of Mormon and invite him to read and pray about it. He was pretty open and said he would read. Then right after that we went to visit a person who has never opened their door and a girl opened and said we could come in and we taught her the first lesson. It was awesome to see our prayers directly answered like that!

Sister Ashby and I have been able to push a lot of cars out of the snow from being stuck. We feel so buff after that. Every person we have helped is a man and so he's in the car pressing on the gas and then 2 girls are pushing the car to get out of their parking spot or out of an icey patch. We have been successful every time! Oh yeah! Our new motto is, "Sisters to the rescue!"

We walked all day Saturday and we were so tired by the end of the day. A lot of side walks aren't shoveled so we get to trudge through snow a lot. Sister Ashby has fallen about 4 times. It's hilarious! We both just laugh and then keep on going. I haven't fallen or slipped yet. (I'll probably fall today because I said that!)

Just a reminder: On the week before Christmas my p-day will be on  Wednesday 21st and then transfers will be Dec 22nd.

Have a great week everybody!! I love you!!


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