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Week 14

November 21, 2011
Hola familia!

How are you all doing? Thanks for the emails this week! I can always tell when you are confused about my preparation day because I don't really hear from many people. haha! Well I don't have too much time to write this email so I'm going to type like a crazy person and try and hit all the points I've noted during the week.

If you want to send me a package you can mail it to my actual addresss:
635 Kennedy Dr. #1
Grand Island, NE 68803
(Please don't post address on the blog. Thanks!)

So last week I didn't even share much about my companion, Sister Ashby. Sorry about that! Here's a little more information about her... she's from Tremonton, UT. Youngest of 6 kids who have all served missions. Very nice and loving. Wants to be a constume designer. Fun loving person. She's super nice, but talks about herself a lot! To the point where I have made it into a game so I don't get annoyed. There are 2 types of games: One where I ask a question about herself and see how long she'll talk for without letting me get a word in and then see what topic the convo is on when she finishes. The other game to do ask her a question relating to the missionary work and see how she relates it back to a story about herself. At first it was annoying and now it is pretty entertaining. I listen to her and then stear it back to missionary work or my main question. Good times! So I know a lot about her and her family and friends... and she knows very little about me. I'm an open book but every time I start to share something we end up talking about her. The funny part is that she doesn't notice. So one day at lunch I pulled out my photo album and basically just told her the basics about my family and some of my friends since she didn't know much about me. I felt much better after I was able to get all of that out! haha
We have a good time together though!

On Tuesday we had a zone conference in Lincoln, about 1hr and 45 min away. We woke up at 4:45am and headed off to hear Elder Golden, a Quorum of the 70, come and speak to us! It was AWESOME! He is definitely inspired! Zone conference lasted about 8 hours. So I walked away from that totally remotivated to continue doing the work the best with I can with the help of the Lord! (That night was the most tired I have been on my mission. I was falling asleep that night as we were planning for the next day.)

It snowed for the 1st time in Grand Island this season on Wednesday! Luckily it melted the next day! The weather hasn't been that bad though. I just bundle up and try not to think about it too much. This week I've been wearing spandex pants, sweat pants, warm socks, and the skirt and boots covering all of that. It's hilarious what we can hide under a skirt to keep warm. I just need to find some other longs skirts. Today I will be shopping for a big, warm coat. What I  thought was big and warm really isn't... so hopefully we find something today! But don't worry, I'm doing good and staying healthy! :)

On Friday night we had an amazing night!! We had 4 straight lessons in a row! (which is rare because normally somebody will fall through and cancel.)  This week we have 3 new investigators which is awesome! We are watching the area grow already. Sister Ashby gets so excited because she's really been able to see the difference obedience and doing work can make. So we are having a great time!

We moved Michelle's baptism date to December 3rd. A lot of people were going to be out of town Nov 26th and we wanted to make sure she was totally ready. She is excited for her baptism and so are we! Did I mention that she has a beard? Don't judge or be mean. She is super awesome and nice... but has a full-grown man beard. I just don't want you to be shocked when you see pictures. Her facial hair is about an inch long. It didn't really phase me much and the ward has accepted her and loved her. She said she's tried to take meds and shave it but it doesn't work. I love Michele and her faith! She is awesome.

Another lady we are working with is Nancy. (Funny, 2 of the main people we have been visiting are named after my moms. haha!) Nancy is a hoot! She is so sarcastic and hilarious. She is missing all of her teeth, is about 5 foot and in her 60's. We are teaching her daughter and granddaughter who are not members. So after one lesson we are saying bye and give her a hug. Sister Ashby got a normal hug and then I go for one and she gives me a hug and is kissing my cheek and won't let go!! She had me for a solid 10 seconds or more while making weird/ funny noises! I was cracking up laughing trying to pull away but she had a firm grasp of a hug. She is soo funny. But that totally reminded me of Nancy- my mom, doing that same thing- minus the cheek kiss. haha! Hopefully that's the shortest/ only kiss I will recieve on my mission! Gotta love the awkwardness...

For Thanksgiving we are eating with the Bishop and his family at an all you can eat buffet place! We are SO excited!! Then I guess at nigth they said we can either eat with families or do weekly planning. They don't want us trackting or anything like that, which is totally understandable. I love the bishop and his family so we can't wait!

I love you all! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
Sister Jones


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