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Week 13

November 14, 2011
Hello everyone!!

Boy has this been an interesting week! I don't even know where to begin... I've debated this morning about what I want to say in this email and still haven't quite figured out what I want to include or just not say. I'm all for details so I'll probably say more than what I should. Well, here we go!

To start off I'm excited about being in a new area as a full-proselyting sister.. the only full-pros sisters outside of Omaha. There is one other sister companionship that doesn't work in the trail center right now and they are still in Omaha. So that is pretty cool and unique!

Grand Island is different... My area in Omaha was probably the 2nd richest in the entire state of Nebraska and now I'm in the lower end. Which doesn't bother me at all! It's fun being in a different environment with different/fun people. Let's just say they are more humble! There are some areas that are pretty rough though. Some of the members have told us streets we shouldn't walk on once it's dark. We try to avoid certain areas but we have to be out at night so either way we may have to walk in some sketchy areas. We are smart about which houses we knock on... so don't worry! Good thing I'm basically a black belt in karate! haha! There is a nicer area kinda near us that we go tracting on at night and that's safe! I would love a pepper spray keychain if anyone sees one of those at a store! That would be awesome! :) We have the car every other week and we trade off with the Elders that serve near us. So this week we have done A LOT of walking!

On the 2nd day of being in the area I had about 5 sticky notes full of all the things that needed changed and all the goals that we had to fix the area up. We're basically starting from scratch because not very many records of people being taught were kept for the past 6+ months. (What a hheadache!!) I'm really excited and hopeful about the area though. We really just get to put our full faith in God and let Him help us find people and get the area back in motion. The past few days we have been working super hard! The first night being there I just laid in bed overwhelmed by everything that had been taking place and everything I had to do to fix it. I am so grateful that Sister Ashby is being so great about changing things up! She is really nice and a sweetheart. We get along well! On the lighter side... when we have the car I get to drive! Yay! On the first day I got to drive and that was very exciting! First time on about 4 months! :)

The ward here is super nice and friendly!! Everyone was coming up and introducing themselves and getting to know me. Everyone asks where I'm from and when I say Phoenix, AZ they laugh! Then say something to the effect of, "Oh wow! You poor thing... I hope you survive the winter!" Too funny. Yesterday in the middle of sacrament meeting I got called up on the spot to go up and bear my testimony. That was pretty funny but I was grateful for the opportunity!

We also have one lady named Michelle is getting baptized on November 26th! She was originally wanting to get baptized in May and then when we met with her the other day she said she wanted to be baptized sooner! She is really nice and I'm excited for her. Now we just need to keep teaching her and make sure she is all ready! :)

I'm doing well! Still happy and hopeful! Things aren't quite as easy as they were in Omaha but I still go about my day the same... smiling, teaching people, and having a good time! Don't worry about us though. We are being smart and staying away from too dangerous of areas. It's fun being in a new environment though. I haven't felt scared or like things were dangerous though. It's a fun, new adventure! :)

I don't need much but if you have any long sleeve shirts laying around that you don't need for a little bit that would be nice. Also a deep diffuser for my blow drier. (I have a diffuser that doesn't work because it's really shallow- if that makes any sense.) I actually have to start using one now so my hair won't freeze my ears. And then pepper spray would be awesome! You can still send letters and packages to the same mission address and they just forward everything.

Something else that is nice and convenient... My preparation day will always be Monday now! (While I'm full-proselyting.) So now you don't have to worry about what day to email me.
Well I have to go now! I love you all! Sorry this email is so random. 
Have a wonderful day!

Sister Jones


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