Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 25

February 6, 2012

Hi family!
Life in Grand Island is.... GRAND!
As I explained last week, Sister Ashby is now in Omaha and now Sister DuBois is my new companion. She is nice and is from Phoenix, AZ! She only lives about 15 minutes from home in Peoria! Pretty crazy! She went to school up at BYU-I for 2 years and was studying Wild Life Ecology. She loves animals and Harry Potter! She has a fun sense of humor and laughs at my jokes... so I think we will get along just fine! She also is willing to work hard and has a strong testimony of the gospel.
So once again I love trailor parks! We went back to the same trailor park as a few weeks ago where I first developed my love for them. As we were walking to go check up on somebody I went to talk to a woman, Sonia, who was outside her home. We had a really great conversation with her and we were all just testifying of God's love and how He can get us through any trial. It was awesome because she has such a strong faith! We starting talking about the Book of Mormon and then she brings up how she just recently was given one by her mom and started reading it! (What a miracle! That doesn't happen every day!) So she said she would love for us to come and visit her. It sounded like her mom had been given a BofM but gave it to Sonia. She seems to have a lot of potential and just wants to follow Heavenly Father. She is so nice and I already love her!
Yesterday Michele, our recent convert, came teaching with us! We took her to see a less-active man who wants to start coming back to church. She did such a great job and was able to talk about how much the sacrament means to her. She was even asking him questions like, "Do you have the priesthood? - Oh wow, that is so special! How neat! You should definitely come back to church." She was soo cute!! Then when we went to see her later on that night she was like, "I really hope Joe comes back to church! He was really nice!" It's the best when you can take recent converts to go teaching! :)
Sorry this email is so short! I'm running out of time!
I love you all and I'm grateful for you love and support!
I know that God knows each of us so personally and is there to help us through anything. I am able to see His hand in the missionary efforts every day. I absolutely love being able to testify of Christ every minute of every day. It's the best!
Sister Jones


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