Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 26

February 13, 2012

Thank you everyone for the birthday emails and for updating me on life! I love hearing about how everyone is doing!
Well, this week was AMAZING! Oh my goodness! We set three different people for baptism! It was incredible and Heavenly Father is preparing people. I'll explain a little about each one of them...
  • Lisa- We tracted into her last week and came back this week to share a lesson with her. We taught her the restoration of the church, which is normally the 1st lesson we teach people (unless the Spirit directs otherwise). The restoration includes God's love, prophets, Christ, the Apostacy, Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and praying to know if it's true. That's the general flow of the lesson. But she was really accepting of everything we taught her and really wants to start coming to church. She has had a lot of struggles in life and finds hope through the message that we share about Christ.
  • Courtlyne- She is the wonderful lady who gives us food from Salvation Army. She was a former investigator but stopped learning before I came into Grand Island because she had a hold up about the trinity and us not believing they are all one. Well, we had an incredible lesson with her reading 3 Nephi 11, when Christ comes to the Americas after He was resurrected. In one of the versus in that chapter it talks about how God and Christ are one so that brought up her concern and we were able to discuss it with her. As we talked about how God, Christ, and the Spirit are three separate beings but all one in purpose, her heart softened towards the subject and a switch turned (thanks to the Spirit) and she said, "That makes a lot of sense. I guess I can be Mormon!" She said she's been having a lot of experiences recently where she feels this is the path she needs to take. Many people at her work have asked her, "You act like a Mormon, you look like a Mormon, so why aren't you Mormon?" haha! She's funny and sarcastically says, "what's that supposed to mean?" But she said it's a compliment to her because of how Mormons live and the examples that they are. She said she's been around Mormons her whole life and she's just been skirting around them. She is SOOO prepared and ready to make this step of faith. I feel like I have learned so much from her about having pure faith and a love for Christ. A singer named Alex Boye also helped her come to the realization that she wants to be baptized. She was watching his documentary on the BYU station and she said it really touched her. She said, "He loves Jesus as much as I do and with the same enthusiasm! I know we could get along because he loves, loves, loves Jesus too!" She is so cute! I am soo excited for her and she is set to be baptized on March 10th.
  • Angel- She is 13 and her parents are less-active members but are starting to come back to church. Yay! Angel wants to be baptized now and she is also set to be baptized on March 10th.
So basically things are going really well in Grand Island! We have 5 people set for baptism all together and most of them are progressing towards that date. Yay!! I love missionary work! If you can, keep these people in your prayers. Especially Cortlyne and Angel. They both need to be healthy and come to church the next 3 weeks or else they won't be able to get baptized on their dates.
This week was pretty cold! It was around 16 as the high for some of the days and today it snowed. I don't mind when it snows because it's warmer. The cold doesn't really bother me... but it is awful when it's windy, no matter what the temp is. With all my layers I hardly notice the cold temp though! It's great! :)
Me and Sister DuBois are getting along really well. Once I figured out her personality I was able to just be patient with anything that might have annoyed me from the get go. I believe you can love anybody once you get to know them. Of course, some are easier to love than others but I have been lucky to be companions with people who want to work and serve the Lord. When we were out walking in the cold all day on Wed and Thurs we would make up missionary works to random song tunes. It was all snowy out and white and we made up fun missionary lyrics to "walking in a winter wonderland." Fun times!
This week in church we had 8 different people there who normally don't come! I get so happy when I see people coming to church after we've been working with them! I wrote down their names on a heart sticky note! I love it!
Well that about sums up our week! It has been awesome!
Tomorrow for Valentines Day we have zone conference! So we get to drive to Lincoln and be there most of the day! I love Zone Conferences so that is the best way I could imagine to spend my birthday! It will be fun because we get to be with a ton of other missionaries and also the mission president and his wife! I'm excited!
I love you all soo much! Thank you for your examples and love! I have the best family and friends ever!
Have a wonderful Valentines Day!!!
Sister Jones


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