Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 28

February 27, 2012

Here are the highlights/ my thoughts from this week:
  • Walking all day in the wind is kind of hard because people don't tend to want to talk to missionaries when it's really cold.
  • One of our investigators, Christina, who is married to a member is very, very pregnant and should be having her baby any time now. She always looks so miserable anytime we go visit her... Seeing the poor girl makes me not very excited to have kids some day! haha! But on the plus side, she still is reading her scriptures and praying! :)
  • We do service for an older woman Sister McMillon each week. She is a major pack-rat so it's hilarious trying to help her sort through things and get rid of stuff. She used to collect fun hat and has a ton so I started the traditional hat picture every time we go over to give service. I'll send some pictures home soon!
  • Courtlyne is doing great and came to church this week! Tonight we are all going over to Bishop's house for dinner and family home evening all together! I"m excited! She is still set and ready to be baptized on March 10th! Yay!! She is one of the most faithful and amazing people I've met! Hopefully you will all get to meet her someday.
  • The Spanish elders had a baptism on Saturday and asked us to come so Sister DuBois could play the piano. So we went and everything was in Spanish so i thought i was off the hook to have to do any impromptu speaking or anything like that. But Elder Meza said the opening remarks and said the hymns # and all that and then nodds at me to lead the music. I of course look at him confused then glance all around me to make sure he was in fact nodding at ME to conduct the music in SPANISH. Then I even pointed at myself to double check and he just smiles and nods again. LOL! So I quickly get up make sure I'm on the right hymn page and lead the music attempting to sing in Spanish. Good times! Elder Meza was smiling/ laughing throughout the opening and closing song because he knew I couldn't/ wouldn't be mad but that it would be uncomfortable. It was pretty funny though. They said I did a good job and that I looked like I knew what i was doing/ saying. I even when I lost where I was at on the page i just kept smiling and waving my arm to the beat. (The arm was doing good- the spanish not so much.) That was a memorable experience!
  • I ended my 40 day fast this week! Now I can eat chocolate and listen to music other than hymns. The 40 day fast was a great experience and I saw lots of blessings come from it. I'll talk about that next week!
I'm out of time! I"ll talk to you all later! Adios!!
Sister Jones


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