Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 29

March 5, 2012

Hello wonderful family of mine!
How is everybody doing today? Hope you are all happy and healthy! :)
Here are some of the updates from Grand Island, Nebraska!
Last week for preparation day we got to play ping pong with the four Grand Island elders! It was so much fun! And guess what?! I beat everybody! haha! (Only one person was actually a little bit of a competition. So there's no room to brag or anything.) I loved it though and we had a good time.
Courtlyne is doing AMAZING!!! She is all set to be baptized this Saturday! YAY!!! She was even sick this Sunday and she still came because she didn't want to have to move her baptism day. That's what I call dedicated! Other people have a tiny sniffle and they call us saying, "Oh man! I'm sick... guess I can't come to church today!" (something to that effect at least.)
This week we taught Courtlyne the commandments like the Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and Tithing. She already knew about them so basically we just had to go over them and make sure she was willing to live them. She's already living all of them so she is set! When she first learned about the word of wisdom and that we don't drink coffee she had a hard time with it but then she went to the doctor and the doctor told her she can't have coffee anymore and then Courtlyne asked her with a straight face, "Are you Mormon??" The doctor tried to hold back her laughter and said, "No, I'm not. Why?" Then Courtlyne said, "because the Mormons told me not to drink coffee too!" Then Courtlyne told her it was a joke and that she can laugh. So she took that as one of the signs that she really should stop drinking coffee and that this is what God wants for her.
Every missionary needs at least one really awkward/ funny experience while teaching the Law of Chastity.... and we definitely got ours this past week! I debated whether I should even write about this, but then I decided that you may as well know what us a missionaries get to experience and that not everything is all peaches and cream. (if that makes any sense.)
Well here I go! I'm just going to quote my journal for this one...
"Tonight we had an awesome and hilarious meeting with Courtlyne. Brother Loveday was there as a team-up. We taught her about the World of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. [talked about WofW- skipping to LofC] Oh gosh... then comes Law of Chastity. Right as we are about to start teaching this ever so wonderful commandment the lesson was haulted as we heard sammy (lab/ mut of some sort) growling at Chicco (part Chihuahua/ terrior mix- small dog) as Chicco was expressing his unfixed love to Sammy. Courtlyne was embarrassed by Chicco's unchaste behavior and separates him from Sammy by bringing him back to the table and holding him on her lap, with him standing on his hind legs and his thingie pointing straight out at me, Sister Dubois, and Brother Loveday. I have two words to describe this site: sick and disgusting!! Let's just say I've only been around animals that were fixed. She was oblivious to what we had to see because he was pointed away from her. I couldn't help but laugh inside my head about the irony of this situation. Even with feeling like us 3 were being held at gun point by Chicco, we continued on with the lesson and taught the Law of Chastity. Then when we were about to finish up her boyfriend decided to randomly stop by! haha! She was so embarrassed when he walked in and the Law of Chastity pamphlet was just laying there smack dab in the middle of the table. Her face was bright red. She really didn't have anyting  to be embarrassed about because they are both good Christian people already being chaste but it was just sooo funny. We had never met him before so we were excited to finally get to meet him. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time because I could tell she was just in shock still. So great! I just love being a missionary!"  
That's just a sneak-peak from that lesson. It was hilarious! The other lessons are a lot more normal and mellow. She has so many great stories about how God is helping her to make this decision to be baptized. Her boyfriend is being a big support too. They are just cute because they both love reading the scriptures and praying together. He is born again Christian.
We have done a lot of tracting this week! We found an awesome family who became new investigators. They are Catholic but not too active in their faith. The kids were so nice and very well behaved. We knocked on their door and the mom let us come right in and share a message. After talking a little bit and getting to know them the lesson flowed into talking about Christ and the atonement. We left them a Book of Mormon and they said they would read the intro! We have a lesson set up for next week!
Angel is still struggling with coming to church. This week she had mucus coming out of her eye... really?! How does that even happen. haha! They are having lots of trials popping up when it comes to getting their family to church. So we'll keep praying for her that she will get better and come to church so she can get baptized on April 7th.
It has been especially windy lately. It's getting warmer though. With the wind has come a fun cough! As a missionary it's not fun having a noticeable sickness- like a cough because it's distracting. I find myself trying to hold my breath during lessons just so i don't interrupt. lol! But it's not too bad and it's getting better, no worries!
Next week is transfers so p-day is on Wednesday! talk to you then!
love you all!
Sister Jones


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