Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 32

March 26, 2012

Hi everyone!!
This week has been so much better than the past two weeks. The past couple weeks have been kind of odd with the transfers and my crazy eye problems. But this week things have come together... my eyes are better, we were able to teach lots of people/ investigators , and had great experiences at the Trail Center!
So last week I told you I wrote a funny poem about what went on with my eyes and I brought it to the library with me... ready for this? Here we go! (keep in mind I am not a poet, at all. Please don't judge and be sure to read with enthusiasm and a smile on your face.)
These few days as a blind have been no fun
I've been vanished to a bed and lay like a bum
With red fiery eyes and a stinging sensation
That led to one very negative correlation
The first verdict was allergy season
Then come to find they were only teasin'.
The whole sabbath day my eyes were sealed tight
because they were so sensitive to the daylight.
My dearest companion, Sister Robertson was there
Who stayed by my side and gave me great care.
The sacrament and a blessing I did receive
With Brother Bucksbee's blessing I felt more relieved
Then I went like a bat to dwell in its cave
To take a nap in the dark so my eyes would behave.
My eyes only opened for several seconds at a time
Oh how life before this problem seemed so divine.
Back to urgent care, 8am Monday morning
What they came up with this time wasn't so flooring.
"you have pink eye!" the doctor assuredly said
Not surprised, I smiled and nodded my head.
We walked over to Walgreens to get my prescription
Hoping these new eye drops will help my condition.
Then off to the Trail Center, to the sick room I went
With lots of time to sleep and write a poem to vent
Such great times my highly contagious disease and I have had
But once it's gone I will be oh so glad!
The message of the gospel I will once again share
With reassurance Heavenly Father loves me and truly does care.
The was the 1st part of the poem that I wrote before I went to the eye doctor because my vision wasn't getting any better. I went to the eye doctor on Friday and here's the 2nd part of the poem that I threw together today.
A couple days later I did come to find
It wasn't allergies or pink eye that made me so blind.
With the red in my eyes faded and vision still blurry
I made an appointment with the eye doctor in a hurry.
The doctor tested my eyes and looked through the scope
and explained to me that there was still hope!
With open sores on both corneas and them swollen as well,
Why I was pained and blinded we could now tell.
I left with some eye drops to use every day
They were goopy and thick, many prayers I did say.
I have proof that God hears me because I can see
What a visionary missionary I will now be!
There you have it! That is the poem that sums up my weird eye experience. So basically the eye doctor said that I have open sores on both cornea in both eyes and that it could've been caused by irritation from my contacts or from an allergic reaction to my contact solution. I have a follow up appointment with the eye doctor today so hopefully everything is all better! Up until yesterday my vision was still really blurry so that was what made me believe it wasn't really pink eye.
We have quite a bit of investigators in Plattsmouth! A few of them have very little faith in God so it's really interesting to hear how they are working to have a belief that He is really there. I am constantly praying that they will pray and receive/ recognize answers from God. I have so much confidence that as they practice their faith they can gain experiences to know that God loves them. We are teaching a woman named Amanda and we set her for baptism! She has a lot of work but she said as God answers her prayers she will work towards being baptized.
I love working at the Trail Center again. The hardest adjustment is not having much time to work in our area now. But I have met so many great people already by taking them on tour. I love it! I met a great couple the other day who are not members but by the end of the tour they said they would like a Book of Mormon to read from. Pretty exciting! They really appreciated me taking them on tour and asked if they could take my picture. haha! So they made me pose in front of the wagon with the oxen. Too funny!
The Plattsmouth ward is really nice! I'm excited to get to know them! It's small but still bigger than Grand Island!
Also, the weather has been AMAZING! it has been in the 70's and I love it!
Well i have to go now! I love you all!
Sister Jones


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