Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 33

April 3, 2012

Hola familia!

This has been such a great week!
Just to follow up on some questions you have had... my eyes are still not better. My left eye is doing pretty good and my right eye is very blurry still. BUT I am still able to work and act like I can still see everything and everyone. When I went to the eye doctor she said I still have the open sores on my cornea and to keep using the eye drops and they should get better. Well they got worse after that appointment so I called the other day to make a closer appointment. She said that it may take a while to heal but we moved up the appointment to Friday. I may go somewhere else soon because I'm not sure if she knows what it really is and doesn't seem too confident with how to treat it. So we'll see how it works out. Luckily it's not hindering the work anymore and I'm getting use to having blurry vision. haha!

Exciting news!
-I recently found out the other day that Courtlyne, from Grand Island who was supposed to be baptized when I was there, is back on track to be baptized THIS Thursday! OH HAPPY DAY!! I started tearing up when I got a text from the GI sisters telling me about the news. How exciting! That is definitely a reassurance that God hears and answers prayers. The night she dropped us I prayed and asked Heavenly Father what we could do or what the next step was and I had a clearly clear impression that she would still be baptized, just in His time and not mine. That answer brought so much peace to me that night. I'm sad that I can't be there but am so happy that she is getting baptized! What a blessing!
-The woman, Amanda, who I mentioned last week who is agnostic said that she felt like God answered her prayers this week! This is HUGE!! She really didn't believe that God was there but there was a big/ sad event that took place in her life this week and she handled it so well and said that although it was really difficult it was an answer to her prayers and will help her in the long run. It's too personal to share but it had to do with her bf who she is now broken up with. That was a big step and I'm excited to see how she continues to progress.
-On Saturday we had trail center training in the morning where all of the sisters and senior couples meet for a training. Gabi, the girl who me and Sister Hawkes taught and then was baptized from my 1st area, shared her conversion story for everybody! It was the best feeling ever to see how her testimony has grown over the past few months and know that I was able to play a part in her conversion! It was incredible!! She is the cutest, nicest and most driven person ever! :)
-General Conference this past weekend was AMAZING!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! If you haven't been able to watch it yet you should definitely do that... right now! :)
My favorite talks:
1) Richard G. Scott's talk on revelation.
2) Ronald A. Rasband's talk on struggles.
3) Neil L. Anderson's talk on being an example of Christ.
4) David F. Evans on missionary work and following the Holy Ghost.
5) Dallin H. Oaks on sacrifice.
6) the talk on being converted to the gospel vs. being converted to the church. I thought that was a great talk but can't remember who gave it.
-Here are some of the themes I saw: Live the Doctrine of Christ, Sacrifice, Strengthen the Priesthood, Families are Eternal, Rescue the Less-Active and Downtrodden, and Strengthen Members through Prayer, Scripture Study, and Service.

Yesterday we saw so many miracles! Met two very prepared people!!! One is Shylynne and she let us right in to teach her as we were tracting. We shared the whole message of the restoration of the gospel. When I shared Joseph Smith's story in his own works she was silent for a moment and said, "wow, that gave me goosebumps." We asked her where she thinks that feeling comes from and she said, "Christ." We were able to then testify of the Spirit. She is so great and she's excited to read the Book of Mormon. She also wants to work towards being baptized on May 19th. Just another reassurance that God is very aware of the work we do and is placing being who are receptive and open in our path.

I love you all! Have a great day!
SIster Jones


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