Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 31

March 20, 2012

Hi family!!
So far I am loving Plattsmouth and Sister Robertson! She is super nice! She is from New Mexico, has red hair, blue eyes, is the most loving person ever, very pretty, and is a great and dedicated missionary! We are going to have such a great time together and are going to see so many miracles! She is one transfer ahead of me so she gets to drive. (sad!) It's so nice because we are both willing to work hard and totally dedicate ourselves to the work! I am also back working at the Mormon Trail Center. It was fun going back there and seeing all of the sisters. I got swamped with lots of hugs and "Oh my goodness! We have missed you so much!! We're so glad you're back from the middle of nowhere! We love you!!!" I heard that a lot on Friday and Saturday. I definitely got my fair share of attention the first few days of being back in the Omaha area. haha!
On Friday we served at the Trail Center all day long. In the morning I went around the gallery to familiarize myself with everything. As I walked around I remembered how much I had forgot over the past 4 months of being gone. So I did another lap of the gallery and took notes of dates and places the pioneers went. Then shortly after I was giving tours again! Luckily a lot of the into and facts came back to me... I give all the credit to the Spirit bringing it back to my remembrance. What a blessing! It was fun giving tours again but it did feel kind of weird. Especially when we were waiting for people to come in and there was time to read scriptures. I felt so strange because you don't have that kind of time when you are full-proselyting. You are always on the go and out teaching people. So that was kind of odd and something I'll have to get used to. But it will start getting really busy soon so there won't be any time to sit down.
Starting on Thursday my eyes have been freaking out! At first they were really red and I thought it was just allergies. Then on Saturday morning they were stinging pretty bad and were really sensitive to light. Later on that afternoon we went to the urgent care and they also said it was allergies and prescribed me some allergy eye drops. So I take those and struggle through some lessons we had throughout the night. During our lessons I was just praying that my eyes would stay open. They kept closing because they were hurting from the light. It was bad. People probably thought I was on drugs because my eyes wouldn't open all the way and they were red/ pink. Well then I woke up on Sunday and I couldn't even open my eyes for more than two seconds at a time. They were watering a lot and stung pretty bad. I kept at the allergy drops and they didn't do anything. We had to miss church and I was bed ridden all day long. It has been the worst my eyes have ever been. Sister Robertson was so good to me and got me food and made sure I was ok throughout the day. We live in a member's home- the Bucksbee's. Brother Bucksbee gave me a priesthood blessing which was really nice and also him and another member gave us the sacrament. That was a really neat experience! I felt so dumb though because I couldn't barely keep my eyes open and I was trying to talk to them and thank them for everything. Overall it was just a not fun experience to feel helpless and not be able to do anything and be blind. So on Monday morning we went to the urgent care again and this time they said I have pink eye! Oh joy! So we got drops for that and headed to the trail center because I still couldn't keep my eyes open very long and my vision was blurry, even with my glasses. So all day Monday I had to lay in the sick room they have in the basement of the trail center. I slept for a few hours, wrote a funny poem about this whole experience (i was going to bring it to send to you but I forgot it at home- sorry!), and tried reading but my eyesight was too bad, and sat bored and went through scriptures I have memorized. Being sick/ handicapped as a missionary is a bore and really annoying. I would much rather be productive and be able to meet the people in the new area I'm in... but instead I'm stuck laying in bed blinded with pink eye.
No worries, I'm getting better though. The drops have been helping quite a bit. I can actually keep my eyes open today! Yay!! My vision is still blurred, which is really weird to me, and my eyes are still pretty sensitive to the light. If it isn't better by the end of tomorrow they said I should go to an eye doctor. I really hope I don't have to go to that extreme. So this eye experience has basically dominated my whole time I've been back to the Omaha area. I can't wait to actually get to know all of our investigators and the members that are in Plattsmouth.
Oh yeah, so last Wednesday right before I was transferred we got to meet with Courtlyne. That was really nice. Right when we walked in she said in her cute Tennessee accent, "let's take some pictures before I start bawling about you leaving!" After taking some pictures we talked for a little bit about what happened the previous week and she said she just got really nervous and needs to work a few things out with herself. She sounded like she's going to continue coming to church and keep learning from the missionaries. At one point she was crying hysterically about me leaving. It was really sad. She said she called her boyfriend and the Butlers before we came over to have them pray that she could hold herself together during out meeting. She said some really nice and touching things to me. Something she said that stood out was something like this, "You are an angel. You have no idea how many lives and hearts you have touched while you've been here in Grand Island. I was talking to the Butlers (bishop and his wife) and they are so sad you are leaving- and they are used to missionaries coming in and out of their lives. So many people love you here and we don't want to see you leave. Just know you have left an imprint on our hearts." She is a sweetie and I am going to miss her. I didn't feel that sad because I know that I will keep in touch with her and continue to be her friend. She is a very special woman and Heavenly Father has big things in store for her.
Well that about sums up my week! Also, I'm back to the crazy p-day schedule where it switches back and forth between Monday and Tuesday. So next week my preparation day will be on Monday. I hope you are all doing great!!! I love you and hope to hear from you soon! Even with this annoying pink eye I am still happy and ready to get back to work! Pray for my eyes to start functioning normal! :) Thanks!
Love always,
Sister Jones


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