Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 30

March 14, 2012

Hi family!
Wow, it feels like forever since I have written to you all. Transfers just throw things off a little bit.
Well first of all, we got transfer calls this afternoon and guess what... I am getting transfered back to Omaha. The area is called Plattsmouth. I'm not sure if that is an actual city or if it's just the name of the area I will be in. My companion will be Sister Robertson. She is really nice and I've actually have been on two exchanges with her in the past, so that's exciting! I have really mixed feelings about this transfer though. I really don't want to leave Grand Island. I feel like it's now my home away from home and I've met so many great people and friends that I don't want to leave. It's also hard because I feel like I've put so much time, engery, work, and faith into this area and it's really hard to just pick up and leave. On the plus side, I have been able to see this area grow a lot and have been able to see so many miracles take place here. While I've been here I've seen more trust and support come from the ward, lots of records to help out the missionaries in the future that come to this area, and some good investigators to work with! So I feel good with leaving because I know I've made a positive impact in this area. (I'm saying this in the most humble way I can.)
Oh man, so Courtlyne... she didn't get baptized this Saturday as planned. Let me tell you this sad story...
Courtlyne came to church on the Sunday the week before her baptism and was all set, ready, and excited! We met with her on Tuesday around noon for lunch with her and a member then went over the interview questions with her so she would feel ready for her interview with the district leader later on that night at 6. We went through the questions she answered them all great and she didn't have any questions or concerns. Fast forward to 6:01 pm.... Me and Sister DuBois are at the church waiting for Courtlyne and the district leader. We then recieve a text from Courtlyne. Here is what she said,
"Girls: This is difficult for me. Believe me, I know it will be hurtful. At 4:40 today I met with a pstor. He was raised Mormon. He told me many beliefs I hadn't been made privy to. I have decided not to go fwd with the membership. It is best if we end all contact at this time. I do love you, Sister Jones. and you too, Sister DuBois. I will never forget you and always will pray for you. Courtylne."
As you could guess that left us speachless with tears whelled up in our eyes. Unfortunately this wasn't a joke or a crazy passed down missionary story. And of course you always think, that couldn't possibly ever happen to ME or to MY investigator... then Heavenly Father reminds you, through an experience like this, that Satan is real and that people have their own agency.
So then the district leader came in and we had to explain what just barely happened to him and the elders helped us formulate a text back. I really don't like that this had to all be done through text because she can't call on her phone. I wish she couldn't told us in person so we could've resolved her concerns. So we decided that we should go to her house later on that night and see if she'll talk to us about what happened... We went to her place, knocked on the door, and then she walked up to her door, looked through the window that's on it, and just walked away. Ouch! I still love her but that wasn't the nicest or most mature thing someone has ever done.
Although we had to cancell her baptsim, there is a plus side to this story! She isn't talking to us at the moment BUT she did let Sister Butler, the Bishop's wife who she loves and became friends with, talk to her a few days ago. They had a good convo and basically Courtlyne was just shook up and had a lot of negative comments from her friends and the pastor. It seems like Courtlyne is still open to the gospel just needs some more time. From this experience it just reminded me that Satan is real and that he really is working with people so that they don't make good decisions and won't be happy. This was a really sad experience this week but I have faith she will get back on board and eventually be baptized. She is an amazing and faithful woman.
I text her telling her I'm leaving and asked if it would  be ok if we stopped by tonight to say good-bye. She said that would be ok and that she'll cancell the plans that she had. YAY!!! Oh happy day!!!! :)
The rest of the week we've been doing lots of tracting and finding new investigators! Fun times!
Well, I have to get going now! I have LOTS of packing to do today! Oh gosh, i have no idea how I'm going to fit everthing back into my suitcases. Hope you are all doing well! I love you all!
 Sister Jones


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