Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 12, 2012

Hi family!!

Happy Veterans Day!
Has has everybody been doing? Thanks for your emails this week!
Did anyone get to read the talk I mentioned last week? Converted Unto the Lord, by Elder Bednar. If so, send me your thoughts! :)
Sounds like it was an interesting week with elections... it still doesn't feel like that is real to me. I haven't heard too much as far as what the results were like. On Nov 6th right before we were going to bed we got a text from some sisters saying, "FYI, Obama is our president." I seriously thought they were joking because I didn't know that people could predict the results that fast. Nobody talked about it the next day and finally one of the senior couples confirmed that for us. It's so strange being out of the loop like this during a presidential compaign. Mitt Romney has helped out our missionary efforts though by letting people know what we are all about and setting a good example of someone living the gospel. A lot of people asked questions about our faith because of him. Both on the streets and at the Trail Center.

This week we had zone conference, where we have a big group meeting of probably about 70 missionaries all together. The big focuss of the meeting was having a testimony plus being converted to the gospel. The biggest difference to me of being converted is living what Christ teaches and doing, rather than just saying you believe.

The Papillion stake that I'm in had stake conference this weekend. We had Elder Steven E. Snow from the Quorum of the 70 come and visit. He is from St. George, UT! Do any of you know him? He was great and also has a fun sense of humor. I really enjoyed his comments and overall his very nice nature and good, loving personality.

I love my mission! Just in one day I got to speak English (as normal), speak a little Spanish to one of our buddies that always stops us as we've walking the streets, and then speak Sign-language to a guy named Angelo that we are going to try to start teaching. I am so excited!!! I actually get to use my sign-language from college. As I was signing with him a lot of it was coming back to my memory- thanks to the Holy Ghost! I'm scared for actually teaching him lessons because I don't know church signs besides  the words church, Jesus Christ, Sunday, God, prayer, faith, and other really basic phrases. I need to start practicing! :)

It's getting colder here! The weather is all over the place though. One day it's nice and warm and then the next it's freezing. Yesterday I was frozen but so far today it feels nice!

Larue and Santiago are doing well. Larue is having a hard time quitting smoking though. Santiago is 12 and so nice and cute. He was like, if my mom can't quit by December 1st can I still get baptized? We would prefer for them to get baptized together but we'll have to see. Her husband just passed away and so she's struggling with that. She's not incredibly upset because her husband was cheating on her and got caught by the other ladies husband... yeah, bad news from there. I feel really bad for her but she is so great to  be raising her son on her own anyways and staying faithful to her family. Some people make me sick though.

Luis is doing well. He comes to church pretty regularly now. He's really lonely and likes making friends. He needs to sincerly pray about the Book of Mormon though and not do it for the social perks. He has good intentions though and wants to have greater faith in God. As long as we have team-ups there, members to teach with us, we're good!

Oh goodness, I may as well fill you in with this bit of news just in case I don't survive till next week. I am singing a solo in next weeks singing performance. Luckily it's not a huge deal and it's to kick off the gingerbread house display that's opening up in the basement of the TC this Saturday. So we're doing a performance with about half of the sisters with group songs and solos. I'm not too excited, i'll be honest. They roped me into it. It's just a verse and then the 2 other girls sing the chorus with me. If I pass out in the middle of it and get a concussion I'll have Elder Watson give you a call. :) Jk, I'll survive.

The Trail Center is getting all ready for Christmas... already! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! haha! It seems very unreal to me that I'll be coming home in less than 2 months. I can't even wrap my head around that. I seriously feel like I'll be a full-time missionary my whole life. It makes me sad thinking it will eventually come to an end. I'm giving it my all and making sure I'm "leaving everything on the field," as they say in sports. haha!

I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon and the Bible. I LOVE the scriptures!!! My goal in life is to memorize both books. hahaha! I'll keep dreaming... but each week I do strive to memorize a new scripture! So I have a good amount committed to memory. I love it because they pop into my head during lessons and I can share them with others. (Did I mention that I memorize them to my own beats or tunes? Normally I make up a simple tune and memorize it like a song. That makes it so much easier to memorize. Yeah, I'm a little weird like that. lol!)

Have a great week! Love you all!
-Sister Jones


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