Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 56

September 17, 2012
Hello family!!

Sorry my preparation days have been so random and off lately. It will be back on it's normal schedule now until transfers. Next week will it will be on Tuesday. I can always tell when you are confused because I don't hear from many people. That's alright though!

This past week or so we've had a lot of teaching appointments! On Saturday we had 5 different appointments back to back and all with members coming to teach with us. So rare and incredible!! We have been teaching machines! I love it because most of my mission I have been a finding machine and then after lots of hard work then teaching quite a bit. Right now we have a good amount of investigators so we are focusing on keeping in contact with everybody and helping them all to progress. Of course we are always looking for new people to teach so we make sure we talk to everyone in our path.

We currently have 9 people set for baptism. I think about 5 of them are actually progressing right now. Some of them are hanging out in the "lazy river"... that's what I like to call it. (Where they aren't too movtiaved and not keeping many commitments.- so soon enough if they aren't reading scriptures, praying, or coming to church then we'll give them a break and drop them for a little while.)
The main people who are progression:
Jensen- He is from China. (The one I told you about where I stopped him in the street.) We met with him again and he read from the Book of Mormon and likes what he's been reading so far. He prayed a little bit but admitted he isn't sure how to pray in English. So we focused a lot on prayer during our last meeting and then at the end of our lesson he said the closing prayer and did an amazing job! I love hearing people pray who never have prayed or who are uncomfortable with it. That's the best!
Jamira, Katoria, & Ayonce- Still really liking what they are learning. Didn't come to church though.. quite the  bummer. But we will be stopping by tonight and seeing how they are doing. Katoria is pregnant and was in the hospital earlier this week. So sad!!
Octavio- His family is Spanish but he speaks English. It's fun trying to speak to his dad, who is really friendly and loves talking to us- even though he knows we don't understand much. (HS Spanish class has faded fast.) Anyways, Octavio is struggling with having faith and praying. He also doesn't know how to believe in both Science or God. The Spanish Elders have tried to teach them but they aren't very receptive to them and for some reason are open to us sisters. Probably because we may be a little more understanding and they can open up to us more. Basically we are just encouraging him to sincerely pray every day this week to know if God is there and to know if the Book of Mormon is true. Octavio really enjoyed reading Alma 30.
A lot of the others we are teaching are struggling with overcoming addictions... like smoking, alcohol and who knows what else. So that will come with time and we know God will bless them as they really desire to make chances in their lives. It's hard because they say they want to change and come closer to God but their actions don't say the same thing. In that situation there's only so much we can do to help them. We're praying really hard that they will have the strength to overcome their addictions!
At the Trail Center we have a quilt show downstairs in the  basement! That is bringing in a lot of nonmembers. Pretty exciting! Yesterday I was able to take quite a few tours of people who came to see the quilt who had never taken a tour. They found it fascinating and had a good experience.

Well that about sums up the past few days since I last wrote to you!
This will be a test to see if you read down this far in my emails... haha!
Could you ALL send me your favorite scripture and say why it's your favorite? Thanks!
(All meaning whoever is reading this email right at this moment... yes that means you!)
I love you all!
Have a great day!
Love always,
Sister Jones


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