Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 53

August 29, 2012
Hola familia!

We found out about transfers today! (Sorry I forget to warn you last week that my preparation day would be today.)
Are you ready for the news??
I am getting transferred to a ward called Elmwood in Omaha! My new companion will be Sister Jarman, who came out the same time as Sister Kirby. My dearest Sister Kirby will be staying in Plattsmouth and her new companion will be Sister Rhodes. CRAZY! I'm sad I have to leave Plattsmouth after 6 months of serving there. I am mostly sad to be leaved Sister Kirby and also the Bucksbees, the members that we live with. Me and Sister Kirby get along really well and have become good friends. We feel really comfortable together and are very balanced. I'm very proud of the wonderful missionary that she is! (I'm like a proud mom now! haha!) Oh how I'm going to miss Brother Bucksbees sarcastic and funny comments, the food they give us, and the nice cozy home to live in. I feel like I'm one of their grandchildren and now I am getting ripped away! It's okay, I'll get over it and keep in touch with them after the mission. Brother Bucksbee jokingly said he was going to call President Weston and put in a petition to get me to stay the rest of my mission. haha, that clearly did not work. Elmwood will be a nice change though. I hear it's a really big ward, especially compared to the super small wards I've been in the majority of my mission. I'm excited for the change but it will be hard leaving all of our investigators. Right when everything starts picking up I have to pack my bags. At least Sister Kirby and Sister Rhodes will do a great job keeping everything going and helping out all those we are teaching.

Exciting news for the week:
Brandi (Less-active), Gabriel (investigator, married to Brandi), and Kaitlyn (investigator- Brandi's daughter) all came to church this week!! YAY!!! We have been trying to get them to come for forever but they have been sick off and on. Two transfers ago Gabriel was learning with me and Sister Robertson and then stopped, but now he is back on board and a lot more serious about it. This Sunday he told us that he got his answer and wants to be baptized now. Him and Kaitlyn are going to work towards being baptized in October. I really hope they make it and continue to be strong during the different trials they are facing right now.
Matt also came to church. He is dating a member and they are planning on getting married. He is really serious about learning and has been reading the Book of Mormon. I love that he is very intelligent and really desires to know if the gospel is true.
We have been specifically been praying to be able to find a family to teach and baptized and I feel like all of these people qualify and are answers to our prayers! I know without a doubt that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. Not always how we expect or see fit, but he definitely answers them and knows exactly what we need. :)
Me and Sister Kirby took Ayn's mom on tour together at the Trail Center this week! Ayn is our recent convert and her mom is Catholic. She is seriously looking into the LDS faith. She is very intelligent and find the pioneers fascinating. She loves what they were willing to do for their faith in God and Jesus Christ. She already has the Book of Mormon and has been reading through it and took home a ton of pamphlets about Joseph Smith. She's someone I'll be keeping tabs on because I really think she may convert someday.
Funny moment at the TC: I was taking a man and his wife on tour and the man was not very talkative or said very short, sarcastic comments and the wife was pretty involved. So I asked the older man what he did for a living and he said with a straight face, "I kill people." I responded jokingly: "Oooh, so are you in the mafia??" He said, "No. the military." Then walked away from me to the next spot. Then I kinda started laughing because it was really funny how he decided to answer my question. Then he lightened up and started actually talking to me and being involved. Sorry, this doesn't even sound funny when I type it... but I promise it was really funny. I guess you had to have been there. I love people and their funny comments and personalities. People with a very dry sense of humor crack me up!
Well there was a lot more that happened this week but I'm about out of time. Hope you all have a wonderful week! Good luck with school and everybody in school is enjoying their classes!
Love you all!
Sister Jones


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