Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 43

June 12, 2012
Hello to my dearest family members!

This has been a great week!
Here's the updates with transfers: I'm still in Plattsmouth and I'm training Sister Kirby!!! She is awesome! Sister Kirby is from South Carolina, went to BYU-I for a year, is laid back, funny, and nice! She's a hard worker and just ready to dive into missionary life! She is so good at stepping out of her comfort zone and just fearlessly talking to people and teaching. I love it! She is making my job easy. :) I included some pictures of me and Sister Hawkes before she went home and also me and Sister Kirby. I still can't believe Sister Hawkes has left... so weird! But she's great and we'll keep in touch. She was an incredible trainer and missionary, so now I just have to try and live up to the bar she set.

Wednesday morning I got a phone call from President Kunz saying, "Sister Jones! The Lord has called you to be a trainer! You will be training Sister Kirby from South Carolina. She's great and excited to be here!" Later that day we took the new missionaries out for a 2 hour teaching experience. At that point they didn't know who their companions were so it was fun to get to meet Sister Kirby and take her out visiting people for a little bit. Then later that night she found out I would be her companion. She said she was happy and excited to hear that. haha! Then Thursday we had actual transfers and we were officially companions! Sister Robertson went to a different area but I still get to see her at the Trail Center a lot, so that's good!

We have had some really good lessons this week. Kaitlyn is set to be baptized June 30th and we went to the Trail Center with her mom Brandi and some ward members to watch The Testaments, an awesome church movie! At one part it shows Christ coming and visiting the people in the Americas after Christ was resurrected. I tear up every time I watch that part. It's powerful! Kaitlyn really enjoyed it as well and said she got the chills and felt really warm... then we could explain that was the Holy Ghost! :)

We have been able to spend a good amount of time at the Trail Center this past week. Lots of good tours! It's getting really busy to the point where we hardly get to sit down. It's good though because it makes the day go by faster. Yesterday I took 2 different tours of non-members and then 2 big groups of member families. Quite the diversity of people! This week we are working every weekday except today (our preparation day). That's a lot more than usual but I guess that's how it will be a lot of the summer time.

We found a few new investigators while street contacting this week. That's always a fun experience! I love people who are open and willing to talk! We met a woman, who some members suggested we visit, and she was so nice. She immediately let us in and offered us drinks. We were able to have a great lesson with her! We focussed a lot of our discussion on Christ and his atonement. She grew up Muslim but is now Christian. I'm excited to continue teaching her and see where that goes. She said she will read from the Book of Mormon and pray about it. She's a sweetie and so kind!

It has been really nice weather here recently! It's getting more humid though. Not too bad yet though. I'm couting my blessings! :)
Hope you all are doing great! I love you!
Sister Jones



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