Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 26, 2012

Guess what?! It's SNOWING right now here in Nebraska!! It's the first time this season. Pretty crazy! Luckily it's pretty light snow and will probably melt really soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I want you to all know how thankful I am for such a loving and supportive family. You are all the best! I am so grateful for the blessings I have in my life.

I had a great Thanksgiving! For lunch we went to a member's house and for dinner we went to the Trail Center and spent it with a lot of the sisters, senior couples and new missionaries! In the picture I am sending you will see part of my table with the new missionaries. It was a lot of fun and then we (the sisters) did a musical presentation for all of the senior couples. It was really nice and felt like we are all one big family. :)

On Thursday morning we found out about transfers... Sister Jasper and I almost forgot about it completely because we thought we would stay together. That wasn't the case unfortunately. Sister Jasper got transferred to Wahoo, Nebraska! (What an awesome name!) She is now full-proselyting, which is what she was originally called to do anyways. I love her so much and we got along great. Let's just say we were crying and laughing at the same time when we got the phone call that she was leaving. It didn't even seem real. I had a slight feeling she could be leaving though since we felt really comfortable working together. No growing in the comfort zone...

Now Sister Pryde is in Elmwood with me. Sister Pryde is really nice and a cowgirl. She is complete opposite of Sister Jasper. lol! Sister Pryde is really quiet and shy. Don't let that fool you though, because she can sure talk. She loves to tell stories. Sometimes it's hard to keep her focussed because I'll mention one thing and it will get her off on a 5+ min story about her farm back home, her family, her dog, a pig, or a goat or something like that. I've learned a lot about farming! :)  She is very loving and kind so I'm grateful to be spending my last transfer with her.

Earlier this week with Sister Jasper we met a woman named Cindy! Her grandma is a member of the church and she said after all this time she has never read the Book of Mormon. She was really grateful when I offered it to her and said she could keep that copy! At first she was like, I'll give it back once I read a little bit. Then I was like, "This is your copy to keep! Happy Thanksgiving!!" haha! She laughed and was grateful. She also is set to be baptized in January!  She goes to the baptist church but is open to learning and experiencing new things.

Remember Chris who was baptized the first week I was in the area? He is doing really great! He comes teaching with us a lot and passes the sacrament and has a calling! Well anyways, his mom was in town for Thanksgiving and he wanted us to go over and teach the restoration with his mom there. It was a powerful lesson. We watched the Restoration DVD (20 min) and then talked about the restoration of Christ's church through the prophet Joseph Smith. Chris was so sincere as he shared his testimony with his mom. He was like, "Mom, I have come to know these things are true and I know that families can be together forever. Because I love you I want you to explore this for yourself. It has brought me so much peace and happiness since Dad has passed away..." It was such a powerful moment and the mom said that she would be willing to sincerely study the Book of Mormon to know if it's  true. I was so proud of Chris for being so brave and sincere to share this with his mom. We're all praying for her!

Oh my goodness!!!!!! We had FOUR investigators at church yesterday!! All seperate people: Octavio, Stephen, Greg, and Luis! They all had a great experience. It's so rare that we have that many investigators at church on the same day. Nothing makes me happier! (Besides when people are baptized.)

The trail center is super busy with the gingerbread festival downstairs. Just yesterday from 12-9 we had over 300 people come in. We went to church and were at the trail center ALL day.. pretty tiring  but so great! I had some really good tours as well. I got 3 new investigators who are all really interested in the Book of Mormon and want to read it! Pretty exciting! It was a mom and her 2 teenage daughters! They are from texas but visiting family here in omaha. The missionaries will be able to visit them there and teach them! Yay! I love being at a visitors center. I get to meet people from all over and share the gospel with them! It's the best!

Well it's time to go! Have a great week!
Sister Jones



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