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October 29, 2012

Hello everybody!!

I'm so happy! This has been a great week where we have seen lots of miracles. I have had some especially good tours this week. :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful week? Any funs plans for Halloween? All of us trail center sisters are getting together on Halloween night and having a craft night hosted by some of the senior couples. It's going to be awesome! All of us missionaries can't be outside past 6pm on Halloween night. So all of the elders have to be in their apartment studying or planning. Us sister missionaries have it made because we get to party at the trail center. lol!

Wow, i have so much to tell you I have no idea where to begin...
I'll start with some of our main investigators and then I'll share my trail center experiences!

Elmwood area:
Larue!! She is doing so good! She has been progressing a ton... reading the Book of Mormon everyday, praying, watching church movies with her neighbor who is a member, and she came to church yesterday with her grandson Santiago (who is 12)! He lives with her but normally won't sit in on the lessons and wants to play video games. haha! They both had an awesome time at church.Here's a direct quote from Larue when I asked her what she thought about church, "I loved it! I absolutely loved it! I give church an A+. It was better than anything I would ever have imagined. It was so beautiful. Santiago loved it and said he wants to go again and also be baptized. Everybody was so nice, keepin' it real, and down to earth. We can't wait for next Sunday!" She's darling. If only everybody had that kind of attitude towards church and eagerly looked forward to each Sunday to go and worship. Her and Santiago are working towards being baptized on December 1st. The biggest thing that could hold her back would be quitting smoking. Please pray that she will have the strength and motivation to quit smoking. Thanks!!
Stephen- He's doing good: reading his scriptures and praying... but he's been really sick so he hasn't been able to come to church yet. So that stinks and is holding him back from progessing. Did I mention before that he may possibly be getting put on parole? So if that's the case he won't be able to be baptized for another year until he's off of parole. Quite the bummer. But once all that is done I know he'll be baptized and I will hopefully be able to keep in touch with their family and come back to visit when that day comes! We've all become good friends.
Louis- we met him outside about 2 weeks ago and taught him a really quick lesson and had to go quick because we had an appointment to run to. Even with such a quick meeting he's been really motivated to get involved. He came to the Ward chille cook-off last week, went to the men's b-ball game on wednesday, and came to church yesterday! Pretty awesome! Now we just need to actually meet with him and teach him. lol! So far he's opposite of everybody else as far as coming to church and activities. We may have to turn him over to the elders in our area though because he was asking me some weird questions the other day like... How old are you? When you are done with this mission thing do you go back to normal life? Can you date? What will you be doing? blah, blah, blah... I made it very clear we don't date or even think about that type of stuff while on a mission. We are totally focussed on teaching about Jesus Christ. I think he gets it now but if not then we'll give him the the elders. haha!
Trail Center:
Last week we had a big group tour come in that was going to all of the different historical sights. There were about 70 people that came in so we had them try and split themselves up into 3 groups. My group was incredible and we had such a great time together. It was a nice and intimate group that was very open with comments and quetions. My group was also special because Elder Brown, who is a former member of the Quorum of the 70, was in my group. It was a really great experience. The group really felt the Spirit while we were in the memorial room looking out over the cemetary and to the temple. Half of them were crying. So that was a neat experience!
I took the former mission president over the Temple Square mission on tour with his family. His name is President Holmes if any of you are familiar with him. I think he was recently released. Luckily I didn't know his former calling until half way through the tour or else I would've been nervous. No pressure or anything... only taking the former president of the biggest visitors center in the world on tour. haha! He said some really nice things and said he wished I could've been called to the Temple Square mission. "If only all of the sisters were like you!" ... and added some really nice compliments. He's just really nice and good at complimenting people. But it was nice to hear that he feels like I"m doing exactly what I need to do and following the Spirit. He said, "I can feel your power and Spirit. You are doing an amazing job. I wish all of our temple square sisters had your confidence in the Spirit." He also said I did great with the power of the pause. What a great family!
I don't have enough time to write now but I have able to take 2 different tours where missionaries brought in their investigator and they both went great! Not because of me but because of how wonderful and humble the people were that came and how willing they were to change their lives to come closer to God. One of the girls got baptzied on Saturday and I got to take them on tour the night before. THe other two were set for baptism on the tour. Team effort between the elders and I. :) In one of the tours Caleb Duncan, from Cedar City, was the member team-up that the elders brought with them. He has lots of connections with the jones family. So that was cool I was able to also take him on tour as well!
Oh yeah, Sister Jessie Hawkes- my trainer, came to visit the TC on Saturday so I got to see her and talk to her a little bit! That was so fun to see her again!
Well I g2g! Adios!
SIster Jenn Jones


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