Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 47

July 18, 2012
Hello family!!!

I'm going to be adding pictures to this email so it may be a little shorter than normal. Overall this was a great week though... super busy!!
In case you are curious, here was the layout of our week so you understand, starting with a week ago from today:

Wed: Only full day in our proselyting area!! Yay!! Both me and Sister Kirby woke up feeling sick but since it was our only time to teach lessons this week we went out and worked our hardest. We felt like we were really blessed because of that decision. We ended up having 7 lessons that day! (Which is really good for our area!) We found two new investigators... and guess where? Only my favorite places ever... a trailer park!!! :) I seriously love them, not even joking. Not enough to live in one, but enough to try and make best friends with everyone I see there. (Had studies from 8-11am, then out working from 11-9pm.)
Thurs: District Meeting, interview with President Weston, and then we worked from the Trail Center from 3-9pm.
Fri: Weekly planning (10-1pm). We then got to go to the temple!!! That was amazing and such a great experience! We get to go about every other transfer, so about every 3 months. Then back at the trail center from 3-9pm.
Sat: Trail Center Training in the morning... a meeting with all of the sister missionaries and the senior couples. Then we had Tami's baptism!!! Everything went really well and she was very happy. (I promise she is happy even though in the pictures she isn't smiling. haha!) She has waited a long time to be baptized and it was such a special and spiritual experience for her. So many prayers were answered that day! After the baptism we were back at the trail center and were doing online chats and phone calls for the evening shift.
Sun: Church!! Tami received the gift of the Holy Ghost!! We taught Sunday school, as usual. Normally we have about 7 people in class with us. Ideally it is the people we are teaching and a few members as well. After church we were able to teach a couple lessons and then we were back at the trail center.
Mon: Trail center in the morning 9-3. then lessons in the evening.
Tues: Distict meeting and then trail center!
Wed: Today! We found out that me and Sister Kirby are staying together this next transfer! That's what we figured and we are happy about that!

That gives you a good idea about what out busy summer weeks are like! Lots of trail center! The whole time we are at the trail center we are constantly giving tours. It has been really busy so we rarely ever get to sit down. I love it though. The pioneers are amazing and we can learn so much for them!!

I can't believe on the 20th my I will hit my year mark! Time is flying by fast! I'm sure I say that in about every email. Sorry, but it is!
Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEXI!!!! :) :) :)

Well my time is up now! Enjoy the pictures! I included some pictures from Tami's baptism and also my bug bites from last month!
have a great day! Love you all!!

-Sister Jones


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