Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 45

July 2, 2012
Howdy howdy!

Where to begin...
Oh yeah! Guess what?! We have a new mission president now... President and Sister Weston! They are so sweet and nice! I casually met President Weston on Saturday for Trail Center Training for the 1st time. Then my zone officially met President and Sister Weston and their 12 year old son today! Their family is adorable!!! We had a zone conference today where we basically got to know them. It was really exciting! I already love them and know they will do a great job! :)
Here's some information about them:
"Michael Dunford Weston, 55, and Zoe Anne Heilesen Weston, ten children, North Logan 9th Ward, North Logan Utah Stake. Brother Weston serves as a ward mission leader and is a former stake president, bishop, high councilor, Cub Scout leader and missionary in the Canada Halifax Mission. Self-employed farmer and businessman. Born in Logan, Utah, to Mark Dunford and Lois Florence Carver Weston.
Sister Weston serves as a counselor in a Primary presidency and is a former Young Women president, Primary president, counselor in Primary, Young Women and Relief Society presidencies, Cub Scout leader, Young Women adviser and Primary teacher. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Phil J and Anne Donna Heilesen."

This past week has literally flown by! I can hardly remember what happened! Good thing I keep a journal because every day just runs into the next and before I know it, it's a whole new month! How is it already July?! I've almost been out for a year! That sounds so old but I still feel like I just came out not too long ago. It literally boggles my mind. So basically I only have about 6 more months to work my hardest and make every day count!

Just to clarify, when we do chats it's on the computer. So we are typing back and forth with them. It's really entertaining! We have some really nice sincere people who want to learn about the gospel and others who are "trolling"- meaning they just are trying to prank us and must be bored to death so they decide they want to talk to missionaries online. I really feel bad for those people. I wish I could introduce them to some hobbies! haha!

The Trail Center is still busy and we are working quite a bit there. Luckily the members have been giving us meals in containers to go so that helps a lot with traveling back and forth the trail center and our area.

We had an awesome lesson with Trudy the other day! She said she believes the Book of Mormon is true and still wants to be baptized! Now she just needs to come to church and quit smoking! We committed her to hide all of her ash trays and she said she wants to stop! Yay! We're praying hard for her!

We have a handful of good people we are teaching but are also in finding mode to get more people in our teaching pool. That means we are doing lots of street contacting and talking to EVERYONE!! I love it! We literally try to teach everyone we come in contact with who is interested. It's great!

I'm doing great! Happy, healthy, and loving being a missionary! Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your summer!
Love you!
Sister Jones


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