Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 6, 2012

Hello my darling familiy members!

Hope you all had a great Halloween! Also, happy voting day! (I'm pretty sure that's today... i'm a little out of the loop so hopefully that's right. haha!) I voted earlier this week and sent in my absentee ballot! Pretty exciting!! :)

Well this week has been eventful and fun!
For Halloween we had district meeting, did service for a couple in our ward that is moving- cleaning baseboards (My favorite thanks to mom!) and cleaning the walls, then we had a dinner with all of the sister and senior couples at the Trail Center, and then us sisters did a craft! Good times! All of the missionaries had to stay inside from 6 and on.
Funny story that happened yesterday: The area that I serve in covers a lot of area in Omaha... from Downtown Omaha (10th st.) all the way up to 130th street. Downtown is ghetto and not as nice of homes and the higher up the numbers the nices the places get. So yesterday we were street contacting in downtown omaha, which is tons of fun because there are a lot of people walking around and of all different nationalities. While we were down there we had lunch at an Indian food place- it was really good! When we left we ran into a black man who was like, "Hey! Come here, can i talk to you?" Us, "of course!!" To sum it up he was drunk, just got out of jail that day, was from East Africa and also San Diego, and homeless. He was asking for money. He also said that Jesus Christ was running for President... I know i'm way out of the loop but that was a new one to me. lol! I said I didn't have money to give him but I had something else for him... then I whipped out a Book of Mormon from my purse and gave it to him! Told him it's all about Jesus Christ and that he should read it. He came close to me as I was handing it to him and quickly/ slyly put his arm around my should (giving me a side hug) so I was cringing trying to get out of it but be nice. (I was trying really hard not to laugh.) THen all the sudden he's leaning in and his face was getting closer  to mine. I was turning my head about, cringing trying to hide my face in my scarf and coat, but it didn't work... he kissed me on the cheek!! Yuck!! It was gross, uncomfortable, but really funny. Sister Jasper didn't even know what to do. hahaha! He was trying to hug her with his other arm in that process I removed his arm off of my shoulder and then we said to read and have a great day! Then we escaped across the street. Good times in downtown Omaha! Always a fun adventure. But no worries, we're safe!
We had an awesome lesson with a guy named Chip. His uncle and cousin are less-active members. Chip has made some bad decisions in life but wants to change his lifestyle and have more faith. He opened up to us a lot and we were able to really relate Alma the younger's story with him in Alma 36. This week we will be setting him for baptism and getting all of them to church- hopefully!
If I had more time I would share an awesome story about how we lost our phone this week and prayed really hard to find it- and tu-duh! we found it.. well a man found it on the streets and called us and returned it. He called the apartment complex the same time i was calling sprint to get our number changed over. On the phone to the guy i was talking to I was like, "We have all just witness a miracles! Someone just called and said they found our phone!! Oh man, Heavenly Father definitely hears and answers our prayers!" He was just laughing saying he agrees and how awesome that was. It was too funny but so amazing. The apartment office ladies were so amazed too.
Overall I love being a missionary. We see miracles daily! Heavenly Father is so aware of us and what goes on in our lives... even if it's just loosing a phone. He helps our investigators and gives them spiritual experiences to keep them boosted.
Larue and Santiago are still doing good. Everyone is getting sick though.
We found 5 new investigators this week so that's exciting! We'll see how they progress! :)

Have a great week! Love you all!!
Also, you should all read the talk Converted Unto the Lord by Elder Bednar on I read it today for personal study and it's amazing!! No matter what faith you are you can relate to it. It talks about testimony and being converted. I love it and it really makes us reflect how converted the Lord we are.
Sister Jones


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