Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 49

July 30, 2012
Well hi there!
How is everybody doing? It's been a while since I've heard from most of you... that's ok though, glad you're keeping busy! :)

This has been a very unique week! I really don't even know how else to describe it. It has flown by super fast though!

Pioneer day was fun! All of the sisters and senior couples got together for a BBQ and people sang some songs and shared some stories. It was a good time! I wish we could've all dressed up like pioneers. I feel like that would've really sealed the deal! haha ;)
Guess what we found in Sister Kirby's bed on Tuesday night?!  BED BUGS!!! Dun, dun dun... We found two huge ones and about 10 other smaller ones. She was getting a lot of bug bites but we weren't sure where they were coming from. When we finally did a really close look we found them! (Mostly behind the plastic on the corners of the bed.) The big ones are named John and Lisa, named after the members we live with. haha! (They like that, just as much as they like the fact there were bed bugs in their house. haha! They were good sports about it!) These critters are very hard to get rid of and can be a real problem if not taken care of. So guess what we had to do all Wednesday morning? Clean and get rid of our beds. Because bed bugs love wood and we had wooden frames we got whole new beds and frames. We had to wash our sheets and steam the whole room. Good times! Sister Kirby isn't a huge fan of bugs in general so it was pretty funny. Luckily I am not amused by them and kept things calm. No worries, it's all taken care of now! If you know me then you know I had a fun little photo shoot with them. :) I'll attach them! ENJOY!
We met with Trudy and she is set to be baptized again. She lost her date because she hadn't been to church because she was sick. This week she is coming to the trail center to watch the Joseph Smith movie! Yay! That is going to be amazing!
I had a really cool call center experience this week. I called this man who was a referral from a friend and we had a really great conversation. He said he really wants to read from the BofM and excited because he wants religion in his life! I'm excited to follow up with him!
We have been doing lots of tracting this week. We don't have a ton of time in the area but when we do that's a lot of what we are doing or visiting members and less-actives. It's fun and exciting work!
Well I have to go now! Have a great week! Hope to hear from you all soon! :)
Sister Jones


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