Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 51

August 13, 2012
Hello there!!

Another great week!!
Here are some of the highlights!

Plattsmouth area:
We met with our investigator Trudy and had a great lesson with her talking about the importance of praying, reading scriptures, and attending church. She's been struggling so we promised blessings that related to her situations. And guess what?! She came to church this Sunday for the first time!!! Sister Kirby and I were so happy and the ward members enjoyed meeting her as well. It was very exciting to finally see her come and make that step of faith. She didn't make the other baptism date we had for her before because she hadn't come to church at all. So we'll see how she continues to progress!
We have been finding a lot of new potential investigators lately. Now we just need to actually meet with them when they aren't on the go or super busy so they can become investigators and learn about the gospel. :)
The members of our ward have been really good with feeding us the past 2 weeks! That has been fun and different. We have some incredible families in our ward who are super nice. Now we are just working on getting more members to come out teaching with us for our appointments.
Trail Center:
Yesterday we had a concert/ singing performance with a lot of the sister missionaries in Lincoln and it went great! Everyone that I talked to afterwards loved it and really felt the Spirit. I am so grateful we have the opportunity to share our testimonies through song. It was a great experience! We are SO LUCKY in this mission! Seriously!! Not many other places get as many opportunities and experiences like we do here! All of us sisters feel soooo blessed.
I took a very nice couple who were not members on tour this week that is from the Omaha area. I knew it was fate because he was wearing an ASU shirt! His son his doing PHD there and that's how he has that connection. They were both very friendly and open and loved learning about the pioneers. They were also really interested in the religion itself and asked a ton of questions about our faith. It was a really neat experience for all of us! By the time the tour was done I felt like we all strengthened our faith in Christ, even with minor variations to our faith. They weren't interested in having missionaries come visit them or reading the Book of Mormon at this time but thanked me several times for all of the information and sharing my testimony with them. They both said they'll be back when we have the quilt show and they'll look for me to say hi. I love that we can find so much in common with people of other faiths and strengthen each other on tour.

Fun/ Random:
Today for preparation day a lot of us sisters also went to the Strategic Air and Space Museum!! It was awesome!! They have tons of U.s. Air force planes there. We had a great time! Elder Watson and another senior couple took us there. We love the senior couples... just another blessing about this mission and working at the Trail Center. (Jon Burgoyne would've LOVED this museum. That's what I kept thinking the whole time I was there. Who knows, maybe someday he'll be making huge planes like that. I took a lot of pictures just for his sake.)
A few days ago our car got a flat tire as we were out visiting with people. And guess what?! Me and Sister Kirby changed it all by ourselves. :) We were so proud and figured you would be too. We didn't even get dirt on our outfits either! haha, but our hands were filthy! We showed up at the members home we were eating at with black hands and immediately asked if we could wash them. The members said, "That's awesome you changed your own tire! We have REAL sisters on our hands!" haha!
Just so you know, I also decided that I'll be coming home on December 19th. As I prayed about it that's what I felt Heavenly Father would have me do. The other option was going home on January 4th, and then start school on the 7th. (that could potentially be very stressful and a hard adjustment.) It was a tough decision but I felt at peace with December and feel like that is where the Lord wants me to be at that time.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Sister Jones


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