Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 55

September 12, 2012
Well hello my loved ones!

How is everybody doing today? I'm doing great. I hope you got all of the pictures I sent you. Most of those are from today!  Isn't technology great!

I have SO much to tell you and about 10 minutes. So it's going to be brief statements of excitment and wonderfulness. We have been very busy the past 10 days since i have last emailed you. Lots of appointments and have met some great people. Like the subject of this emails says, I seriously feel like I'm living in a dream. Most of the time my life just seems too good to be true. I am very blessed, that's for sure.

Jamira (mom), Ayonce (her daughter) and Katoria (jamira's sister who visits to meet with us). We taught them the plan of salvation last week to Jamira and she LOVED it! She said that everything we taught makes sense and we showed her supporting scriptures from both the bible and the Book of Mormon. She loves learning about Christ's atonement. She said she wants to change her life and when we asked her what some of her goals are she said she wants to be baptized. Perfect answer! That's the best thing anybody could ever work for because that is literally the gateway to returning back to Heavenly Father. So later on that week we had another appointment and met with the rest of their family plus some friends they invited over that wanted to also have a "bible study" with us. lol! Jamira asked us to teach them the Plan of Salvation as well. So we did and they also enjoyed it and believe it. They feel like this is what will bring them real peace and happiness. They couldn't be more correct. So the 3 ladies I first mentinoed are working towards getting baptized on October 27th! Pretty exciting!!
Jensen: Oh goodness. He is cool. Sometime last week we were teaching a guy named Tony (who is also set to be baptized but has to quit lots of drugs- might take some time.) on the street outside of his place. As we were talking to him a man who is Asian is walking by. I felt like I should talk to him and not let him walk by. The line in PMG that says, "Talk to everyone" haunts me so I can't let anyone get by me. Well I let Sister Jarman talk to Tony and I walked in the middle of the street and talked to Jensen. He didn't seem a ton interested but I left in a card and set up a time that we could meet with him. (He probably was just a little confused as to why a young woman is hurrying to go talk to him on the street. could seem a little odd to a normal person. haha!) Well anyways, on Saturday we went to meet with him and brought a member to teach with us. We had an awesome lesson and taught the whole restoration. Jensen has a little Christian background but not too much. Said he would read the BofM and also come to church! And guess what?! He actually came to church and really enjoyed it! The ward treated him  so well!!
Yesterday we had Elder Nash who is a general authority from the quorum of the 70 come and talk to us! He is amazing and I loved learning from him! I wish i had time to tell you more.
Well because I can't keep things short and am long winded and detailed that's all you get to hear from me this week. But stay tuned and i'll write more next week! We have 7 people set to be baptized but they are all for October. The work is going so well here! My apartment is awesome and we even have a gym to work out in... i'm in heaven!!!

Have a great week! Happy birthday dad!! :)
Sister Jones


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