Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 58

October 9, 2012
Hello my dearest family!

This past weekend was General Conference!! That's when the prophet of the church and the apostles and general leaders speak to us! It's the  best thing ever! If you didn't get to watch it or are curious about what it is you should go to and look up the general conference. There should be a link where you can watch it.

I only got to see Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning session because we were working at the trail center the other two sessions. Some of the talks that stood out to me were from Elder Gay, Elder Whiting and definitely Elder Hollands! You should really look up Elder Hollands if you didn't get to see it. I heard about tons of other good ones that I haven't been able to see yet. It's so exciting listening to all of these talks and finding ways to improve and apply their teachings. :)

Highlights from the week
-Got to clean the temple yesterday. For 4 hours a few of us sisters were able to clean the crystal chandeliers around the temple. That was a really special experience.
-Found an awesome man to teach yesterday. We sang him "I know that my Redeemer lives" and he started crying and was really emotional and just kept saying that he feels it in his heart. Then we had him say the prayer after we were done teaching him and he started crying again saying that he feels the spirit really strong. It was incredible! What was even more impressive was that he could still have a really spiritual experience even with some really good classic songs playing in the background from inside someones apartment. It was slightly distracting hearing Piano Man, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Another one bites the dust, and many others as we are singing him a hymn, teaching, and as he was praying. I was able to block out the music pretty well though and stay focused. Thank goodness! It has been a long time since I"ve heard those kinds of songs! lol.
-Steven and Sara are doing really good. Steven is still doing well with quitting smoking.
-This week has been crazy busy and we haven't been able to see most of our progressing investigators. So we should be getting back on board with them soon. But we have found a few more new investigators in the mean time!

Life is great! It's getting colder here though... no bueno! We find out about transfers tomorrow! Sis Jarman thinks she's leaving but I have no clue what could happen. You'll find out next week!
Love ya!
-Sister Jones


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