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October 15, 2012

Hello my dearest family!

Sorry about the confusion last week about my preparation day. That was totally my bad. My whole mission we've had preparation day on Wednesday before transfers on Thurday... but now I'm in the only zone where the sisters work at the TC on Wed and have p-day on Tuesday. I apologize for the confusion. I thought i was being helpful, but that backfired on me. haha!

Transfers were this past week!! I stayed in Elmwood and Sister Jarman left and went to Council Bluffs, Iowa. Sister Jasper is my new companion! Her and Sis Jarman actually switched places. lol. Sister Jasper is amazing. Let me tell you a little about her. She's from South Jordan, UT. She's 23 years old. Long blonde hair and green eyes. She has the funniest and craziest personality out of all of the sisters. (we would all agree on that one!) She just recently started going to church about a year before her mission. Awesome re-conversion story. She's a good listener, works hard, and is very personable. I just love her and we've hit it off really easily and get along great. We have similar senses of humors and are both willing to compromise and love to share... so that makes things really nice!

We've seen lots of miracles this past week! I'll try and sum up the 2 people who we had awesome experiences with:
Kirk: I believe I told you a little bit about him last week. Where he said he wants to be baptized and was crying from the Spirit as we sang and as he prayed. We called him the next day to see how his reading and praying went and he was so adorable. (Note: He's 50, so when I say adorable it's totally innocent. haha!) He was like, "Oooh thank you for calling! When I prayed last night I felt God answer me. I got really warm and I felt it in my heart, my soul, and my mind! I believe and now that I got my answer I know I need to change!" While Sis Jarman was talking to him on the phone I wrote down this exact quote, "You two are angels to me. You all were sent to me. I received my answer in my soul, my heart, and my mind. You know what I'm sayin'? Yeah. I'm going to go with yall and this is my path. I'm so happy!!" What a cutie! BUT he slept through church yesterday after he committed to come. No bueno. That's missionary work for ya though. Chuch is the hardest thing for people to do!
Macosha: Oh my, I just love her. Sister Jasper and I met her in the hallway earlier this week and had a really good conversation/ lesson with her. At first she was closed off and then she opened right up! She said she's been searching for more and feels like her baptist church is missing something. As we were sharing the Book of Mormon she was really feeling the Spirit. She was saying, "Is it hot in here? I feel so warm and my heart is burning!" After I finished testifying of something she paused, looked at me, smiled, and said, "I just received my answer from God. Oh how I love Jesus! He just let me know what you two are saying is true. My heart is so full and I am so happy! I know you two are angels and answers to my prayers!" So that was the first time talking to her. Yesterday we had a lesson with her in her home and taught the restoration of the gospel and read part of 3 Nephi 11. It was a powerful lesson! She is such a good person and is sooo close to the Spirit. When we were reading the BofM she said her heart was burning and she could feel the Spirit so strong. (The Book of Mormon is powerful and I love that people can really feel the Holy Ghost as they sincerely read. Wow!!! The gospel is so true!!!) She had a hard time understanding the priesthood when we invited her to be baptized but after reading in 3 Nephi 11 and talked about Nephi being given the priesthood she understood that better and said that she wants to be  baptized with that authority. The member we brought with us to help teach did awesome as well and was so bold but loving! She is 20 and wants to go on a mission so I've been having her come out and teach with us a lot. She's from Kenya, Africa- soo cool!! But anyways, it was an awesome lesson and the Spirit was able to guide it all the way through. It was one of those lessons where you leave and think- Did that really just happen? Are we still in the MTC with a fake investigator? That is too good to be true!! It's one of those experiences where you know that this is the Lord's work!
I also had an awesome tour the other day! It was a sister that just barely was leaving her mission from Nauvoo and was with her family after they picked her up and as they were driving back home. It was the neatest tour because obviously we both are very passionate about the pioneers and their faith and sacrifices (because we teach and testify of their experiences every day.) It was awesome to be able to share our love for them together. The Christensen family was great and they are all striving to be the best member missionaries they can be. I felt like I really connected to the sister who was heading home  because that will be me in less than 3 months. She was sad to leave her mission but excited for what the future brings. You could just tell him her countenance what a great missionary she was and that she will continue to touch lives after her mission. As I was telling her that and other things I felt to say, I felt a confirmation to myself that I will have the same reassurance... that although I won't be a full-time missionary forever, I will still be able to share the gospel and be a friend to everyone I meet. I will also still be able to make a difference and help people feel of God's love. The family said they really loved, enjoyed, and needed that tour and the things that were said. I felt the same way and that it was also meant for me as well.

This week we get to go to the temple!!
-Steven is doing with scripture reading and prayers. He is also really sick so he couldn't come to church.
-In omaha there was Gladys Knight's Saints Unified Voices choir concert. Made for investigators. Jensen went to that!
-We haven't been able to visit Jamira lately since she's been sick.
- Steve, Kyle, and Michael are supposedly super "busy" and can't meet for a little while. So some are hanging in there while others are not making God a priority. Kinda sad, but hopefully we'll get them back on board soon! :)

I hope you are all doing well! Tell Grandma Jones I love her and that I hope she gets better and out of the hospital soon. That is so sad! :( Thanks for giving me the updates!
Have a wonderful week!
Sister Jones


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