Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Week 44

June 26, 2012
Hi family!!

Sad news for the week... this is President Kunz's last week as mission president. :( I am going to miss him and Sister Kunz a lot. It just doesn't seem real that they are actually leaving. They have been such great examples and role models to me. They are almost like my 3rd set of parents. (You can never have too many! haha!) We had a zone conference last week and we said bye for the last time. I thought I would be crying and a mess but I was at peace and still happy. (probably because it doesn't actually seem real.) We each got to go in a room with just President and Sister Kunz for about 90 seconds and say bye personally. Within those 90 seconds they said some really nice things to me about me as a person and my service as a missionary. They also told me that I better keep in touch with them after the mission and come visit them. Then I had to somehow sum up all of my thoughts and feelings toward them in just a few sentences and then my turn was up. I am going to miss them a lot, but I am excited to get to know the Westons! I'm sure we'll fall in love with them just as much... I can't wait to meet them! :)

Main events from the week:
Worked A LOT at the Trail Center! About 5 days this week... Wed & Saturday we were there all day giving tours... that's really rare but we were covering shifts for some other sisters. This week I took over 100 people on tour! (109 to be exact.) It's fun thinking about how many new people I'm meeting each week! It's tiring though, believe me. We are non-stop giving tours lately. I love it though!
Ayn Dahlke is getting married this weekend and i get to go to her wedding this Saturday!! YAY!!! (She's the one who was baptized in April!) I am so happy and excited for her! Their ultimate goal is to be married in the temple next year! So I may be making a trip out to Nebraska this time next year! :)
We had a really interesting meeting with a woman who is Jehovah Witness this week. They have a lot in common with our beliefs as far as standards and values... but then some things are very different. She couldn't get over the fact that we don't pray to Jehovah and that we refer to Jehovah as Christ. I've had to study up on that because she was grilling us with lots of questions. The best part is that we don't have to know every answer to every random question people throw at us because ultimately it comes down to praying and asking God what is true.
We had some really good chat conversations the other day. some are sincerely interested in learning while others just try to ask crazy questions or even ask for homework help. haha! Always a fun time on chat. i enjoy the sincere conversations though!
Sister Kirby is doing great and adapting to missionary life really well. We get a long great and most of the time it doesn't feel like I'm training. :)
We haven't had much time in our area to teach but we've seen miracles in the time we do get to be in our area teaching. We've also had a good amount of referrals... which is a blessing from Heavenly Father since He knows we don't have a ton of time to find new investigators. Everything works out in the end and I don't let it stress me out too much when we don't meet our goals because we don't have time in our area because of trail center. As long as I'm where I'm supposed to be and bringing souls unto Christ. :)
Love you all! have a great day!
Sister Jones


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